What is your postal address?

The Savings Team, Shawbrook Bank Limited, Lutea House, Warley Hill Business Park, The Drive, Great Warley, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3BE.

What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:30pm, excluding English Bank holidays.

Where can I find my account number?

This is shown on your account summary.

Can I send a cheque to fund my account?

Yes. Please make the cheque payable to yourself and write your Shawbrook account number on the reverse of the cheque, please send to:

I have just sent an electronic payment but it's not showing on my online account?

Receipt of the payment depends on when you have sent it.

Can I make more than one deposit?

Yes. Please ensure that the product is still open for funding before sending a deposit as this will be returned if the product is no longer available.

Can a third party speak to you on my behalf?

Yes, they can but we must take the account holder through security first.

What will I need when I call you?

We will confirm your personal information and answers to your memorable information.

I am an existing customer but not an online customer, can I open a new account that is online only?

Yes. Contact our dedicated customer service team and we will open the account for you over the phone.

Can I close my notice or fixed account early and pay a penalty?

You can close or withdraw early from a Cash ISA notice or fixed account although there will be an early exit charge to pay.

Do you collect money from my nominated account?

No. Shawbrook Bank will never collect money from your nominated account. 

I have forgotten my password?

Please note that you can only reset your password online if your online access has not been blocked. Simply click on the password reset button on the login page and follow the instructions.

I cannot reset my password online

If you are unable to reset your password using the process outlined in the question above then please contact our dedicated customer service team.

Can I close an account and transfer the balance of my account into a different Shawbrook product?

You can only transfer your notice account into a non ISA fixed rate bond without providing notice or if you have a bond you can transfer immediately into a longer term non ISA bond.

Are my deposits protected?

Your eligible deposits with Shawbrook Bank Limited are protected up to a total of £85,000 for single account holders, and £170,000 for joint accounts, by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit guarantee scheme. Any deposits you hold above the limit are unlikely to be covered.

For further information or visit www.fscs.org.uk

Can I open an account?

To open an account you need to be 18 years of age or older, a permanent resident in the UK (excludes Channel Islands, Isle of Man and other Crown dependencies) and only liable to pay tax in the UK. Please notify us immediately if your circumstances change and you are no longer a permanent UK resident and/or no longer only liable for UK tax. 

How do I open my account?

You can open your account online - we need to check your eligibility and verify your identity, but then we should be able to open your account immediately.

The quickest way to open an account is to complete the online application form and subject to you being eligible and us being able to verify your identity, we will normally be able to set your account up immediately.

Can I cancel my account?

If you have funded your notice account and you change your mind and wish to cancel your account, you can do so within the first 14 calendar days from the opening date of your account.

What is a nominated account?

A nominated account is a UK Bank or Building Society account (that you nominate when opening your account) that allows you to make and receive electronic payments (including Faster Payments, BACS, and CHAPS). Deposits into your account must come from your nominated account and any withdrawals out of Shawbrook Bank (including interest payments) will be sent to your nominated account.


Do you collect money from my nominated account?

No. Your nominated account is a UK bank account that you should use to make deposits from and where any withdrawals will be paid in to. Shawbrook Bank will never collect money from your nominated account. To make an electronic transfer from your nominated account into your new savings account contact your bank or building society where your nominated account is held and make a payment using the following details: 

Why do I need to provide nominated bank account details?

Nominated account details are required for security reasons. We want to make sure that your money is safe and therefore we check that the UK bank account you nominate is owned by you.

Where can I view my nominated account?

If you are a registered user of eSavings, you can view your nominated account details by logging on and going to the 'My Accounts' tab, clicking on 'Account Details' and then select an account to view.

Can I change my nominated account or add a new nominated account?

Yes, you can change your nominated account details associated with an account or add nominated account details to an existing account.

What checks do you do before I can open a savings account?

We will verify your address, identity and nominated account details before opening an account for you.

Can I receive gross interest on my savings account?

ISA Accounts all cash ISA accounts pay interest gross (tax free).

Important changes to your personal savings allowance.

Can I cancel my account?

With easy access and notice accounts, you can change your mind and cancel your account within 14 days of opening. This doesn't apply to fixed term accounts.

How can I manage my account?

You can manage your account in the following ways:

Where can I find my savings account number?

Your Savings account number will normally be provided to you when you open your account in the following ways: 

When will I receive a statement?

Non ISA Statements

This depends on the product, please refer to the Key Product Information literature that you received with your welcome letter.  Typically statements are issued annually on the anniversary of your 1st deposit, our older products issue statements in January.

Cash ISA Statements

You will receive a statement on the anniversary of account opening.


How can I view my statement?

If your account is registered for eSavings you can view your statement online within your eDocuments section. You can also save copies of your statements to your computer and print copies of your statements.

How do I obtain a tax statement?

Tax statements are normally made available within 4 weeks of the end of the tax year.


How do you confirm my identity?

When accepting instructions over the telephone (either when we call you or when you call us), we will ask you a number of security questions in order to verify your identity. If we cannot verify you, we will be unable to talk to you about your account(s). 

What is eSavings?

eSavings is the internet banking service provided by us that enables you to service your savings account online. For your accounts registered within eSavings you can:

How do I register for eSavings?

Please contact our dedicated customer servicing team who will issue an eSavings registration application form.

How do I view all of my Shawbrook savings accounts within eSavings?

If you are an existing Shawbrook savings customer and apply for a savings account online, you will be able to view your new account within eSavings. If you wish to view any existing savings accounts (postal accounts) within eSavings you can send us a secure message instructing us to register your existing accounts.

What is a secure message?

A secure message is an email system that only works within your secure eSavings. This means that messages sent by you to us, and messages that we send back to you are only viewable within your eSavings service

How do I create a secure message?

You can create a secure message by logging into eSavings, clicking on Messages, and then clicking on Create Message. You can then select an account and a subject you wish to message us about.

How do I know you have responded to my secure message?

When we respond to a secure message you will receive a message to your email address we hold for you.

What is a customer number?

Your customer number is a six digit number unique to you. It is usually provided to you when you first open an account that can be operated via eSavings.

I have forgotten or misplaced my customer number?

Please contact our dedicated customer servicing team.

What is a login name?

You can choose to select a login name when using eSavings that will be remembered by your computer whenever you log in.

What is my eSavings password?

Your password is set up by you and known only to you. It is used along with your customer number to access your eSavings service.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Simply click on the password reset button on the login page and follow the instructions.

I cannot reset my password online

If you are unable to reset your password using the process outlined in the question above then please contact our dedicated customer servicing team on 0345 266 6611 between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, excluding English bank holidays.

Can I change my password?

Log in to eSavings and click on the 'My Details' link in the top right hand corner of the page. Click on the tab called 'Change Password' and follow the on-screen instructions.

What are cookies?

To use eSavings you must have cookies enabled on your internet browser. Cookies are small pieces of software that reside on your computer.

How quickly will the funds show in my account and when will I start to earn interest?

When you make a deposit, funds will normally be credited to your account on the following basis:

Is there a minimum/maximum deposit amount?

There are minimum and maximum deposit amounts which are specific to each account type.

What is Shawbrook Bank's sort code?

Our sort code is 16-58-73.

How do I make a deposit into my Savings account?

You can deposit funds into your account via the following methods:

Can I make a deposit into my account at any time?

You can make a deposit into your account at any time until the product is withdrawn. This means that the product will become closed to new applications or new deposits.

Are there withdrawal restrictions on accounts?

The ability to make withdrawals depends on the type of account you hold:

Where will my funds be sent?

Withdrawals out of Shawbrook Bank will be made to your nominated account. We cannot issue a payment to a third party from your Savings account. 

When will I receive my withdrawn funds?

Notice Accounts When you put an account on notice, the expiry of your notice period will always be on a working day (you will be notified of the date in advance) and you will normally receive your funds on the next working day. 

Fixed Term Accounts You will receive your funds on the working day after your maturity day.

Easy Access Accounts Next day electronic transfer where a withdrawal request is received prior to 2.30pm on a working day, your payment should be received by the beneficiary bank on the next working day.

ISA Accounts (Notice ISA, Fixed ISA, Easy Access ISA) Next day electronic transfer where a withdrawal request is received prior to 2.30pm on a working day, your payment should be received by the beneficiary bank on the next working day. 

CHAPS - Where a payment request is via CHAPS, providing the CHAPS payment details are received by 2.30pm on a working day then the funds will normally be received by the beneficiary bank the same day. CHAPS payments are subject to a £20 fee.

Cheque withdrawals - Requests received prior to 2.30pm on a working day will normally be processed and sent via the post that day.

What is an ISA?

An ISA is an Individual Savings Account. It is a tax-efficient account for your savings or investments.

Can I have more than one cash ISA in a single tax year?

HMRC rules mean that you cannot hold more than one cash ISA in the same tax year.  If you have already opened a cash ISA in this tax year with another provider then you cannot open and fund a new cash ISA with Shawbrook Bank unless:

What happens if I exceed the maximum annual cash ISA subscription allowance?

We will monitor the total level of deposits made during any tax year and if we receive an individual payment that takes your account above the maximum annual subscription amount, we will return the whole amount of that individual payment. 

Can I transfer my existing ISAs held with other providers across to Shawbrook Bank?

You can transfer your current ISA(s) with another bank to Shawbrook Bank whenever you want. 

What happens if I die?

If a sole account holder dies, the deposit will transfer to the deceased's executors/administrators.

What happens if I move abroad?

If you become non-resident in the UK or  you are planning to become a non-UK resident for tax purposes, you must inform us as soon as reasonably practical of your intention to do so and in any event, you must inform us before the date you become a non-UK resident. Your account will be closed in line with the terms and conditions of the account. 

Where can I find out more information on ISAs?

There is more information available from HMRC regarding ISAs at www.hmrc.gov.uk

You can also get more information from TISA at www.tisa.uk.com

Unfunded ISA Accounts

If you do not make a deposit into your cash ISA account in any tax year and that product is open and accepting additional deposits, your account will be treated as dormant.