Eligibility & Criteria

To open an account with Shawbrook Bank you must:

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Be a permanent resident in the UK (excluding Channel Islands, Isle of Man and other Crown dependencies)
  • Only be liable to pay tax in the UK

Some accounts will have further eligibility criteria. You can find a full breakdown for each of our accounts is available in the product information on our website. If your circumstances change you must let us know immediately.

We will verify your address, identity and nominated account details before opening an account for you.

We do this by checking various electronic databases. We may ask you to take a selfie with your smartphone and upload a passport or driving licence as part of this process.

If we are unable to verify you in this way, we may ask you to supply us with some identity documents by email or post. We will not be able to open your account until we have successfully verified your details.

Yes, you can open a personal account if you already have a business account. 

We're in the process of upgrading the online experience for all of our customers. We'll contact you before this happens.

If your online account has not been upgraded yet:

  • log in and select Apply online
  • follow the steps

If your online account has been upgraded:

  • log in and go to Messages and help
  • send us a message with details of the account you'd like to open

If you want to open another business account, log in and send us a message, or call us on 0345 266 6611. Our team are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

The application process

If you do not have a Shawbrook account you can one on our website by selecting Learn more and apply next to the account you'd like.

All our applications are subject to eligibility and verification of your identity. If we need more information from you to complete our checks and set up your account, a member of our team will be in touch within five working days from the submission of application.

If you already have a Shawbrook account you can open another one easily from your online account. Log in, compare accounts and apply in a few steps.

When we open your account, we'll check a number of things.

When your account is live, we take number of steps to identify you when you get in touch:

  • Secure messages between us can only be viewed by logging in to our online portal, eSavings. You'll need to enter your password, then we'll send a one-time passcode to your registered number for you to input.
  • When accepting instructions via the telephone (either when we call you or when you call us), we will ask you several security questions to verify your identity. We will use your security details you provided on your application. If we cannot verify you, we will be unable to talk to you about your account(s).

Nominated accounts

A nominated account, or linked account, is the current account that you link to your savings account with us. Any money you put into your savings needs to come from that account, and any payments or withdrawals will need to go back to that account.

Your nominated or linked account needs to be a UK bank or building society account that can make and receive electronic payments (including faster payments, BACS and CHAPS). You need to be a named party on this account.

You'll need to specify this account when you open your savings account. If you need to change this account in the future, that's OK. Just get in touch and we'll help you change it.

You can contact the savings team by logging in and sending a secure message, or getting in touch by phone on 0345 266 6611. Our team are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

We need you to nominate an account so we can link it to your savings account. This helps us keep your money safe by only receiving money from or sending money to one account that you've linked and which you are named on. It also helps us identify you electronically when you set up your account.

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