For over a decade Shawbrook has grown and evolved, serving more customers across the UK where our ability to provide specialist finance can deliver a positive impact and make a difference.

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Our ESG strategy is designed to deliver value for all of our stakeholders and is focused on areas where we believe we can deliver the greatest impact.

"Delivering long-term sustainable value for all of our stakeholders remains a strategic priority and, as such, the Board remains committed to embedding sustainability across the organisation. Our ESG strategy presents us with significant opportunity to make a difference. From playing our part in addressing the climate challenge, developing new homes to help mitigate the chronic housing shortage in the UK, to continuing to give back to the communities in which we operate through various programmes, we are committed to making a positive impact."

- John Callender, Chairman

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Our ESG strategy

Focusing on those areas in which we can deliver the greatest impact

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We want to play our part in enabling a just transition1 to net zero by leveraging our insights and expertise

  1. Support the climate transition
  2. Reduce our climate impact
  3. Embed climate into our business DNA
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We want to boost social mobility, champion equality and diversity and create an inclusive environment for all by leveraging our capabilities, networks and people

  1. Support customers with specialist finance
  2. Attract and retain the best talent
  3. Give back to our communities
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We are committed to operating under a robust governance framework which underpins our purpose and serves all of our stakeholders

  1. Effective Board and management structures
  2. Maintain robust governance and risk management
  3. Transparent and accountable disclosures

1 We use the term ‘just transition’ to describe applying a social lens to opportunities and risk arising from the climate transition, with the interests of employees, communities and customers in mind, to ensure it is fair and inclusive for all actors in society.

Our business

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We provide finance to a range of customer segments that value the premium experience, flexibility and certainty we deliver. Our ambition is to deliver for more customers in more markets. We will do this by combining the innovative mindset and agility of a start-up with the scale and financial strength of a large business. 

Saracens sponsorship

As official banking partner of Saracens Rugby Club, we are proud to champion elite women’s sport by supporting the growth of both women’s rugby and netball as lead sponsor of the Mavericks.

About Shawbrook

Shawbrook provides finance to a wide range of customers who value the premium experience, flexibility and certainty we deliver.  We are a purpose-led organisation, with a focus on delivering long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders.