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We provide finance to a range of customer segments that value the premium experience, flexibility and certainty we deliver. 

Best of both

We continue to use our ‘best of both’ proposition, combining great technology with human ingenuity, to build on our track record of innovation and strong returns and grow carefully across a range of specialist customer segments.


H1 2023 Performance Highlights


Annualised loan book growth to £11.9 billion* (FY 2022: £10.5 billion)


Underlying cost to income ratio (H1 2022: 41.3%); 41.5% statutory cost to income ration (H1 2022: 43.6%)

61 bps

Cost of risk (H1 2022: 38 bps)

£149.3 million

Underlying profit before tax (H1 2022: £111.4 million) ; £135.1 million statutory profit before tax (H1 2022: £106.4 million)


Trustpilot score*


Underlying return on tangible equity (H1 2022: 19.6%) ; 18.4% statutory return on tangible equity (H1 2022: 18.6%)


Net interest margin (H1 2022: 5.0%)


CET1 capital ratio (FY 2022: 12.7%*)


Total capital ratio (FY 2022: 15.6%*)


Employee engagement score


Employees* (2022: 1,158)


  • The annualised growth rate of 21% represents the loan book growing to £11.6 billion and excludes the Bluestone Mortgages Limited (BML) acquisition. Including the acquisition, the loan book was £11.9 billion and represented an annualised growth rate of 27%.
  • Shawbrook’s TrustPilot score (excluding The Mortgage Lender Limited and Bluestone Mortgages Limited) as at June 2023.
  • Excluding gain on sale, net interest margin was 4.8%.
  • Risk-weighted assets as at 31 December 2022 have been restated to reflect adjustments in credit valuation adjustment and counterparty credit risk in respect of the Group’s structured entities’ interest rate swap derivatives. Risk-weighted assets have increased by £80.6 million to £7,463.1 million and the capital and leverage ratios have also been restated to reflect these adjustments.
  • The Group’s six-month average number of employees, calculated in line with the Companies Act requirement. H1 2023 position includes Bluestone Mortgages Limited employees from 1 June 2023, following the acquisition in May 2023.

Results, reports & presentations

Financial Calendar

2023 Annual Report & Accounts: 28 March 2024

Our Advisers

Independent Auditor:
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Royal Bank of Scotland plc

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Our ESG strategy

Focusing on those areas in which we can deliver the greatest impact

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We want to play our part in enabling a just transition to net zero by leveraging our insights and expertise

  1. Support the climate transition
  2. Reduce our climate impact
  3. Embed climate into our business DNA
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We want to boost social mobility, champion equality and diversity and create an inclusive environment for all by leveraging our capabilities, networks and people

  1. Support customers, including segments often underserved by mainstream banks, with specialist finance
  2. Build a diverse, engaged and talented workforce
  3. Give back to our communities through partnerships and charitable donations
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We are committed to operating under a robust governance framework which underpins our purpose and serves all of our stakeholders

  1. Effective Board and management structures
  2. Robust governance and risk management
  3. Transparent and accountable disclosures

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