What is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

Strong Customer Authentication (also known as SCA) is the process we will use to establish that it is really you when you try to access your savings account with us.

SCA will enhance the security of payments and help reduce the risk of a fraudster pretending to be you.


How will SCA work?

When you login to your eSavings platform you will be asked to enter your customer number and password. Rather than be asked to enter a memorable word, we will send a One Time passcode (OTP) to the contact number you have registered with us for you to enter on the login screen. When this code is entered, access to your account will be granted and you will be able to service your account as normal. 

If you have a mobile number the OTP will be sent by text message. If you don't have a mobile phone or don't use one, you will be called on your registered landline number and the OTP will be provided to you via our automated voice service.