I’m saving for my daughter’s uni fees. My saving bond pays a guaranteed rate of interest, so I know exactly what I’ll have when she turns 18.

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Savings, like all personal finance, is about balancing your needs. You'll find that we've put together a range of products so that you can choose the ones that suit you best.

Fixed term deposits

We pay you not to dip into your money. We guarantee the rate of interest, but you can’t take your money out until the end of the fixed term.

  • 3 year, 2.65% GROSS/AER
  • 4 year, 2.85% GROSS/AER


Notice accounts

We pay you to wait for your money. You have to give us written notice if you want to get your money out, and it’s a variable interest rate.

  • 95 day, 1.75% GROSS/AER
  • 120 day, 1.85% GROSS/AER


Tariff of Charges

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5 Year Fixed Bond



Invest from £5,000 to £2,000,000.

Lock up your money for 5 years, and we’ll pay you 3.10% AER.

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