Shawbrook is a specialist UK savings and lending bank founded in 2011 to serve the needs of SMEs and individuals in the UK with a range of lending and saving products. We are a growing UK specialist bank that challenges the conventional approach of the mainstream banks, with our thoughtful and good-sense approach to the way we do business. As at 31st December 2019 our total lending reached £6.8 billion and we have now raised more than £6.1 billion in deposits from both personal and business customers.

Financial Calendar

2020 Full Year Results announcement 31 March 2021


Financial Calendar

Financial performance

We are required under the Capital Requirements (Country-by-Country Reporting) Regulations 2013 to disclose certain information for each country in which we operate. Shawbrook Bank Limited is based solely in the UK, therefore all information for the UK is contained in our 2019 Annual Report and Accounts.

Debt Investors

Shawbrook Bank has successfully completed its inaugural Residential Mortgage Backed Security (RMBS) issuance. The pool is comprised of first-lien buy-to-let mortgages which are secured against properties in England, Wales and Scotland. The transaction was rated by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, for further information details can be found on their websites.

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Shawbrook Bank 
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Shawbrook Bank
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Shawbrook Group plc (“Shawbrook” or the “Company”) announces that it has today issued £20,000,000 6.50% Fixed Rate Reset Callable Subordinated Notes (the “Notes”). The Notes mature in 2029 but Shawbrook may at its discretion redeem the Notes in 2024.

The Notes will be treated as Tier 2 regulatory capital which will be used to support the continuing growth of the business while maintaining the Board’s target capital ratios.

Application has been made to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Wertpapierbörse) for the Notes to be admitted to trading on the Quotation Board segment of the Open Market (Freiverkehr) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


For further information, please contact: 

Shawbrook Group plc
Lutea House
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Attention: Company Secretary

The information contained in our press releases is intended solely for journalists and should not be used by consumers to make financial decisions.

About Us: Formed in 2011, Shawbrook is a UK specialist lending and savings bank, focused on Property Finance, Business Finance and Consumer Lending and Savings. Shawbrook differentiates itself by concentrating on markets underserved by the mainstream banks where its expert knowledge, judgement and personalised approach to lending offers a competitive advantage.”

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Shawbrook Bank completes £330m BTL RMBS Transaction

The UK’s Specialist SME Lender of Choice, Shawbrook Bank Limited, has announced the successful completion of its £330m securitisation of The Mortgage Lender (‘TML’) originated loans. The transaction represents the second securitisation Shawbrook has completed in the last 16 months, following SMF 2019-1 in June 2019.

The £200m class A notes priced at 110 bps above Sonia and were distributed via Lloyds Bank, BoA and Barclays Bank. The transaction was privately marketed to select investors and as a result of a strong order book we were able to announce the deal publicly on 17th September with the A – E notes fully pre-placed, a total of £259m of placed notes in addition to £79m of retained A2 notes. Subsequently, the £7.9m X note and the residual certificates were also placed with investors resulting in the transaction being fully subscribed at pricing.

The pool is comprised of 2,069 buy-to-let (‘BTL’) mortgages which are secured against properties in England, Wales and Scotland and were originated by TML. This is the first securitisation of BTL mortgages originated by TML. The transaction will support the Group’s growth objectives, funding strategy and capital management.

The links below reference both transactions: SMF 2019-1 and LMT 2020-1

Investor reporting is provided by Citibank (

Loan-level data in BoE/CRA3 formats along with cash-flow modelling is provided by EuroABS (

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Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and we adhere to all elements of the UK Corporate Governance Code. The Board has responsibility for ensuring that the Group is managed effectively and in the best interests of its shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders (including regulators), and its principal banking subsidiary, Shawbrook Bank Limited. Following the change of ownership of the Group, the commitment to retaining Board and Committee independence was formalised by the adoption of a Framework Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding governing the ongoing interactions between the Board, Executive management and the Shareholder. These have formalised governance arrangements to ensure that appropriate challenge and independence remains, so supporting the interests of investors, customers, employees, the regulators and other key stakeholders. The Board operates within a formal schedule of matters reserved which is reviewed regularly, which can be found under ‘Constitutional and other Governance documents’ in the drop down list below. Additionally, the Board delegates specific powers for some matters to Board Committees, with the outputs from each Committee meeting reported to the Board regularly, thus ensuring the Board maintains the necessary oversight. More detail on the Committees and their work is described in the separate Committee sections in the drop down list below.

An externally facilitated Board effectiveness review will be undertaken during 2018 to further ensure the effectiveness of the framework. An effectiveness review carried out in 2016 provided confirmation that the Board has provided effective oversight of the business, and has been highly engaged both in developing robust risk policies and frameworks and in guiding longer term plans and strategies.

  • Sally-Ann Hibberd and David Gagie resigned from the Board on 31 January 2019
  • John Callender was appointed to the Board in March 2018, he brings extensive financial services experience gained through his executive and non-executive careers.
  • The Board was strengthened with the appointment of Cedric Dubourdieu. Cedric was appointed to the Board as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director on 5 September 2017 and has a wealth of experience with close to 20 years of private equity experience.

The Board currently consists of 9 members, namely the Chairman, five Independent Non-Executive Directors, two Executive Directors and two Institutional Directors. 

The Non-Executive Directors have strong and relevant experience across all aspects of banking and specifically have relevant skills in financial management, regulatory, credit assessment and pricing, liability management and conduct matters. To ensure the Board continues to have an appropriate balance of skills, these skill sets are reviewed annually through the completion of a skills matrix which is considered by the Nomination Committee and the Board.


Composition of the board diagram


The written terms of reference of the Committees, including their objectives and the authority delegated to them by the Board. All Committees have access to independent expert advice and the services of the Company Secretary. The Chairman of each Committee reports to the Board. The constitution and terms of reference of each Committee are reviewed annually to ensure that the Committees are operating effectively and any changes considered necessary are recommended to the Board for approval.

The Board delegates daily management responsibility for the Group to the Executive Committee, which meets three times a month. The Executive Committee is responsible for developing the business and delivering against a strategy approved by the Board and ensuring effective monitoring and control mechanisms. There are also a number of executive sub-committees, as below, which assist the Executive Committee in discharging its responsibilities. 


Executive Committee

Business Strategy

Our five strategic pillars and how we achieve them:

  • Continue to identify specialist lending sectors
  • Achieve strong returns whilst maintaining high quality underwriting standards

Ensure that the loan book is sustainable over the long term when markets may not be so benign

  • Increase organic originations
  • Continue to identify and carefully enter adjacent specialist markets
  • Further increase diversification
  • Conservative approach to risk management
  • Prudently positioned capital, funding and liquidity
  • The SME Champion – we meet the needs of poorly served markets
  • Consumer specialists – we serve sectors where our products and high degree of choice differentiate our offer
  • Exploit leading edge technology to enhance customer experience and drive efficiencies

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the financial calendar for the dates of future announcements.

Please either write to our registrar or contact us using the following details:

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Shawbrook Group plc
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‘Shawbrook Group plc (the ‘Group’) delisted from the London Stock Exchange in August 2017 further to the takeover of the Group by Marlin Bidco Limited (‘Marlin Bidco’). On this basis the Group no longer has a registrar. Further to the takeover, all shareholders who had not accepted the offer from Marlin Bidco by the end of August 2018, still have the option to do so. All shares were compulsory bought by Marlin Bidco and residual funds are being held in Trust with Link Asset Services.

If you did not reply to the offer prior to the end of August 2018 and to access the funds, then please contact Link Asset Services by phone, on 0871 664 0300 or email

Shawbrook Group plc (the ‘Group’) delisted from the London Stock Exchange in August 2017 further to the takeover of the Group by Marlin Bidco Limited (‘Marlin Bidco’). On this basis the Group no longer has shares which are tradable on an open market.

If you are a shareholder who had not accepted the offer from Marlin Bidco at the end of August 2018, you still have the option to do so.

Please contact Link Asset Services by phone, on 0871 664 0300 or email, for more information on how to accept the offer.

Please visit our IPO section.

The Company's published financial information is available here.

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