We are committed to upholding high standards of governance to ensure we continue to operate as a responsible organisation that creates long-term value for the benefit for all our stakeholders. You can read more about our commitments in our annual reports.

Robust governance and risk management

Our Board

Our Board is collectively responsible for the effective oversight of our business.

Our Board believes that diversity is a key enabler to Board effectiveness. As a result, all appointments seek to increase diversity in the Boardroom without compromising the quality of the Board.

Our Executive Committee

The Group is led by an established and stable Executive Committee with significant expertise in specialist lending, financial markets, technology and risk management. The Executive Committee is responsible for developing and effectively implementing the Group’s strategy and delivering on our purpose by embedding a culture that empowers our people to be personal, practical and creative.

We incorporate ESG metrics into our executive bonus scheme design.

Sustainable financing: ESG Principles

We recognise that the activities of our customers and partners can have ESG impacts. Our ESG principles help us assess and manage these risks, by guiding our lending and partner selection decisions in consideration of wider ESG impacts.

As part of our ESG principles, we seek to finance activities that support the transition to net zero, while avoiding providing finance outside of our internally defined thresholds. As well as including prohibitions for lending related to specific activities, they also guide our approach to sectors we have determined as sensitive including power and energy, marine and aviation, agriculture, gambling and transport. The principles also set out conditions for enhanced due diligence where there is potential for high adverse environmental and social impact.

The ESG panel, consisting of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Financial Officer, is an escalation route for transactions identified as having the potential for high environmental and/or social risk.

Human rights and modern slavery

We are committed to respecting human rights and have a zero-tolerance approach to any modern slavery. We regularly review our process and policies to ensure that any occurrences are addressed swiftly.

Our business

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We provide finance to a range of customer segments that value the premium experience, flexibility and certainty we deliver. Our ambition is to deliver for more customers in more markets. We will do this by combining the innovative mindset and agility of a start-up with the scale and financial strength of a large business. 

About Shawbrook

Shawbrook provides finance to a wide range of customers who value the premium experience, flexibility and certainty we deliver.  We are a purpose-led organisation, with a focus on delivering long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

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Our sustainability strategy is designed to create value for our customers, colleagues, communities, suppliers and shareholders, while having a positive impact on society and the wider environment.