Development finance

Supporting your clients across residential and mixed-use property

With a closely managed process from start to finish, our experienced team is on hand to support your clients with an innovative range of products for established developers purchasing assets for residential and mixed-use schemes.

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Business Moneyfacts “Best Commercial Mortgage Provider” 2015-17
Development loans from £2.5m to £25m

Refurbishment or new build

Our development finance products are designed to support established developers purchasing assets for residential and mixed-use schemes. These fall into two categories - heavy refurbishment and ground-up development.

  • Heavy refurbishment
    Where the developer is looking to make changes to the use or the size of an existing building.
  • Ground up development
    Where the developer is looking to purchase land, or demolish an existing building and replace with a residential or mixed-use scheme.
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Our Commercial mortgage benefits

Our unique approach

  • New build developments or refurbishment projects
  • Minimum loan size £2.5m
  • Maximum loan size £25m
  • Minimum single property value £150,000
  • Maximum single property value £1.5m – higher values can be considered on a case by case basis
  • Maximum gearing at the lower of 80% of total costs, or 65% of the gross development value
  • Borrower’s contribution to be injected into the purchase costs with the Bank funding the difference and 100% of the build and finance costs
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Business Awards 

  • NACFB “Short Term Lender of the Year” 2018
  • Business Moneyfacts “Best Commercial Mortgage Provider” 2018
  • What Mortgage “Bridging Lender of the Year” 2018
  • Bridging and Commercial’s “Specialist Bank of the Year” and “Best Use of FinTech” 2017

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