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Whether your clients want to expand their fleet of vehicles, replace business-critical equipment or update specialist machinery, you need a funder who understands the assets and the marketplaces they operate in. A funder that will work with you to help you deliver the solutions your clients need.

With speed and efficiency a priority for most businesses today, our Shawbrook portal enables you to upload and manage new proposals and provide your clients with indicative pricing and rapid decisions on their funding requirements.

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Digger Earth

Our Asset Finance facilities at a glance

We provide funding for a wide range of assets including vehicles, plant and machinery, HGVs, engineering equipment and more.

    • Hire purchase, finance lease, sale & leaseback, refinance
    • Facilities from £5k - £10m
    • Typical terms of 3 to 7 years
    • Loan & Chattel Mortgage available for specific assets, eg. aviation and marine
  Ownership of asset End of term Fixed cost agreements VAT paid with deposit VAT paid with each payment Rentals may be tax deductible
Hire Purchase Title transfer x Interest only
Finance Lease x Extend or sale x
Sale & Leaseback x Extend or sale x

We could also help refinance existing assets when current agreements come to an end or circumstances change.

The benefits for your clients

    • Fully tailored finance to purchase or lease a wide range of business assets
    • Flexible terms to meet demand and reflect seasonal revenues
    • Funding that preserves your client’s capital and existing lines of credit
    • Long-term finance solutions to build vehicle fleets or take advantage of new technologies
    • Our sale and leaseback facility releases capital back into the business without any operational disruption
    • Specialist teams to support with sector specific assets
    • Flexible credit lines, simple budgeting and straightforward documentation
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