Unitranche, for when speed is part of the plan

Streamlined leverage funding for financial Sponsors investing in UK SMEs

A single lender solution for debt facilities up to £20m, providing committed capital to cater for event-driven needs. Sector-agnostic and a pure cashflow lend, Unitranche is designed with speed and simplicity in mind to support Sponsor-backed UK SMEs. 

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Key client characteristics

  • Private Equity houses investing in UK SMEs
  • Cash-generative businesses with track record of profitability
  • Experienced and stable management team in place
  • Minimum EBITDA: £1m


  • Single secured unitranche term loan
  • Super-senior RCF
  • Acquisition and capex facilities on request
  • Funding range of £2m - £20m
  • Leverage maximum 5x EBITDA
  • Typical tenor: 6 years
  • Bullet repayment
  • No hedging or current accounts

Why work with Shawbrook Bank?

  • “One-stop shop” debt offer, bridging the gap between a bank and a fund
  • Quick decisions with short lines of communication direct to decision-makers
  • Specialist and experienced team working on every transaction
  • Combining speed and flexibility with long-term funding certainty

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