Asset Finance

Acquiring, replacing or upgrading business assets

Boosting efficiency, improving performance, upgrading to the latest technology. Whatever your reasons for acquiring, upgrading or even refinancing essential business assets, such as equipment, vehicles or machinery, we could help.

Our range of flexible and tailored asset finance options can help preserve your capital and existing lines of credit.

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If you have details of the business asset you require, please complete our detailed enquiry form. Our specialist team will review the information you send us and be in touch within two working days to discuss the next steps.

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Our asset finance solutions

One size doesn’t fit all.

We provide a range of tailored asset finance solutions, including:

    • Hire purchase - spread the cost of a major investment over regular payments
    • Finance lease - we buy the asset and lease it to you
    • Sale and leaseback - we buy your asset and lease it back to you
    • Refinance - we can also refinance existing arrangements
  Ownership of asset End of term Fixed cost agreements VAT paid with deposit VAT paid with each payment Rentals may be tax deductible
Hire Purchase Title transfer x Interest only
Finance Lease x Extend or sale x
Sale & Leaseback x Extend or sale x

We could also help refinance existing assets when current agreements come to an end or circumstances change.

Why finance assets with us?

  • Keep your business one step ahead of the competition
  • Invest in capacity to win or meet the demands of new business
  • Future proof your operation by funding maintenance, upgrades and depreciation
  • Expert help with evaluating specialist assets
  • Flexible repayment schedules matched to the dynamics of your business
  • Flexible credit lines, simple budgeting and straightforward documentation

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Our asset finance specialists are well placed to support customers locally and have a good understanding of a broad range of asset types. They can also introduce sector specialists who understand the dynamics and needs of specific industries that rely on complex assets. 

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Range of Asset Finance

We cover your business needs 

Farmer feeding cows in field


Farm equipment, plant and vehicles.
Looking inside aircraft engine


Planes, helicopters and related equipment.


Funding equipment for hospitals, clinics, general practice, dentists and opticians.


All kinds of working vessels.

Professions Finance

Finance for healthcare and legal professionals.

Sustainable Energy

Biomass, CHP systems, wind turbines, air source, Solar PV.
Taxi light on


Hire purchase, finance lease and lease purchase of new and used vehicles.
Person looking at laptop in technology factory


Hardware, software and services for all business types.

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