Second charge mortgages

Free up money while leaving current mortgage arrangements in place

A second charge mortgage - sometimes called a secured loan - can be a good option if your clients need to borrow money while leaving their current mortgage in place. The new loan is secured on their property and is available for many different purposes. It can allow your client to avoid the cost associated with a re-mortgage – an option taken by many customers who are unaware of the second charge market.

Our approach at Shawbrook is to look at their individual circumstances and make decisions using a combination of human experience and technology. This personal way of assessing the application means we can often be more flexible and helpful than other lenders.



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What can your client use a second charge mortgage for?

Second charge mortgages are available for all sorts of purposes. Some of the most common include;

    • Home improvements
    • Buy-to-let property purchase
    • Consolidating outgoings into one monthly payment
    • Children's tuition fees
    • Lease extension
    • Transfer of equity
    • Exit for an existing bridging facility
    • Business purposes
    • Payment of a tax bill
    • A wedding or new car

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