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Shawbrook Bank is an innovative business, and we’re refining and introducing new products all the time. You’ll find all our latest news here.

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Personal Savings Allowance Explained

Find out what the Personal Savings Allowance is, whether you need to pay tax on savings, and how to pay tax if you exceed your tax-free savings limits.
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Withdrawing Money from ISAs

Can you take money out of an ISA? Understand the general rules around ISA withdrawals with this helpful guide from Shawbrook.
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Cash ISA Allowance Limits & Rules

Want to learn about your cash ISA allowance and how ISAs work? Read our guide and find out all the ISA rules you need to know about deposit limits and more.
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Savings Champion: Spotlight on Shawbrook

A market leader in providing independent savings advice, Savings Champion focused on our business, the range of savings products we have available and how we help support UK SMEs through our lending propositions so they can grow their businesses.
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What is an Emergency Fund?

Interested in creating an emergency fund? Read our top tips about what an emergency fund is and how best to create one.
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Different Types of Savings Accounts

Want to know about the different types of savings account? We outline the differences between ISAs, notice accounts, easy access savings accounts, and more.
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Cash ISA or Savings Account

Looking to find out the main difference between a Cash ISA and other savings accounts? Our guide explains and will help you choose your best option.
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Budget Planning

Become more in control of your money through budget planning. This useful guide from Shawbrook will help you to get a better understanding of your finances.
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Pocket money for kids

Discover the benefits of pocket money for kids and some popular chore ideas to help your children develop valuable money-saving skills.
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Online scams to watch out for

Protect yourself from the latest scams with expert advice from Shawbrook. We go over the most recent scams that have emerged during the cost of living crisis.
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Will opening a savings account affect my credit score?

Opening a savings account won’t usually affect your credit score as money isn’t being borrowed, but there can be an indirect link. Learn more with Shawbrook.
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Best money saving challenges to try in 2024

Looking for inspiration to save? We compile some of the best new year money saving challenges. Discover the right challenge for you in our guide.