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Amber Windows


Magnifying Glass  The case

Amber Windows is a family-run business who has been trading in the Midlands for 26 years. Amber has worked with us since we launched in 2011, providing finance for its bespoke windows, porches, doors, conservatories and roof-line products. It is a forward-thinking and environmentally friendly company, developing and adapting new technology and manufacturing to obtain full control of the quality of their end products. For Amber, every home is unique, and they are committed to working with their customers to make the most of their living space, designing and installing the highest quality products to meet their needs. Wanting to offer finance through a Bank who matched their values, Amber wanted to work with a business who would show the same commitment and personalised approach to their customers.


Clipboard Icon  The solution

Offering finance allows Amber to best support their customer’s individual requirements. At Shawbrook, we prefer to rely on our people rather than just computers when it comes to decision-making. Our approach goes beyond the credit score to look at individual circumstances. We value the importance of communication; listening, understanding and talking with our partners regularly. We both understand the importance of creating a two-way partnership, allowing us to share key information and overcome any obstacles we’ve met. By working closely with Amber, we’ve enhanced our understanding of their market whilst also developing their understanding of key requirements when offering finance.

Trophy Icon The customer outcome

Taking away a computerised tick-box only approach has enabled us to use our experience and good sense when offering finance to Amber’s customers. Finance now accounts for 30% of its business, a significant proportion for this market. Improving a home is generally a big purchase and the availability of credit can help make that purchase possible. For some of Amber’s customers, affordability of larger orders was a concern. Despite Amber’s promotional offers, a customer would usually request for example, a quote for two windows instead of the ten they needed. Working with Amber, we developed a tailored solution that helped their customers to spread the cost of purchases. Our finance products have empowered their customers to buy their home improvement products with confidence and provided a more efficient and cost-effective solution to improving their home.

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Offering finance to our customers has become an integral part of growing our business. Shawbrook are a modern thinking Bank. Not only are they moving forward with technology, but they understand the importance of the traditional personalised approach. Since the start, our partnership with Shawbrook Bank has gone from strength to strength. Working closely together has resulted in the best outcome for both our business and our customers

— Wayne Palmer, Amber Windows