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Making a card payment

We accept debit card payments for some Shawbrook commitments.

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You may wish to make a payment to your Shawbrook personal loan, finance arrangement (sometimes called a Point of Sale loan) or property finance arrangement.

We accept card payments if you want to:

  • Make a payment toward a personal loan
  • Make a payment toward a Point of Sale loan
  • Make a payment to your property finance arrangement
  • Pay arrears
  • Redeem the loan by paying off the outstanding amount
  • Pay fees


Payment methods we accept

You can make a payment using your Mastercard debit card, your Maestro debit card or your Visa debit card. 

We cannot accept payments made with credit cards. 

About card payments

We've included some commonly asked questions below. If you need further support, you may find the answers in our help centre.

If you have been asked to make a payment to your loan via your mobile you can make that payment using a debit card. We do not accept payments via credit card.

As the payment you have made is towards a financial commitment, we do not offer a refund. However, should you need to discuss the payment, please contact us.