What kind of shopper are you?

UK consumers are spending billions shopping online each year and research has uncovered that there are four distinct types of online shoppers…….but which one are you?




The UK is suffering from a chronic case of FrOMO – the Frustration Of Missing Out. It’s that feeling of anger and disappointment you get when you go to buy something online, but you miss out on the advertised price and sometimes end up having to pay much more. Often it’s because of additional fees and charges being added on to the initial price, but sometimes it’s because those “special offers” are no longer available.

You’re angry, you feel cheated and you’re thinking of shopping elsewhere.




If you’ve got FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – in many ways you’re a dream consumer for those online brands because you’ll do and pay whatever it takes to get what you want. In fact the thought of missing out on those gig tickets or that holiday in the sun is likely to cause you to break out in a cold sweat. You like to be first and to have the best and you scour your social media feeds to find out what everyone else is doing, to make sure you’re not missing out. You’ll know you’re the FOMO kind of shopper if you find yourself rushing to buy for fear that the moment will be lost, but then maybe you end up regretting your decision later.

Teaser prices don’t matter to you because you’ll pay whatever it takes to get whatever you want. But that’s not always a good thing.


Savvy Shopper

As a Savvy Shopper you’re an old school bargain hunter. Before the web you’d have been the kind of person to queue up for the New Year’s sales, or to pound the streets comparing prices at different shops and haggling to get the best deal.

When you shop online you make sure you secure the best price. But is your dedication to bargain hunting causing you problems?



The Tutter’s lot is not a happy one. In a lot of ways you’re like a FrOMO sufferer because you get angry and frustrated if the price you see advertised online increases significantly when you reach the check-out. The difference is, you don’t feel there is much you can do about it.

You’re not a big fan of online shopping, but at least it’s better than walking the high street. You’re resigned to the fact that brands try to charge you more than the original “teaser” rates. But there is more you can do to secure a bargain.