Notice Accounts for Business

Make your cash work harder

If you have spare cash in your business, it makes sense to get it working. At current rates though, most business interest-bearing accounts offer a fairly unimpressive return. And you may not want to tie your money up for a long period in a fixed-term bond.

A notice account from Shawbrook is an excellent compromise. In return for letting us know in advance when you want your money, we’ll give you a competitive rate. So when your business needs it, you can request your money with no penalties, and once the notice period has ended your money is sent back to you.


100 Day Business Notice Issue 13 Summary PDF
1.51% Annually
Min Balance
Max Balance
Terms explained

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded each year. We quote the AER on all of our accounts so that you can compare our products with those of other banks.

GROSS is the interest rate without the deduction of income tax. This is the interest rate paid on your account.

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