Last updated: 31 March 2021

Applying for a payment deferral

We continue to ensure our customers receive support due to the effects of coronavirus.

If you are not able to make your usual payments because you have been impacted by coronavirus, you can apply for a 3-month payment deferral.  If you’ve already had a 3-month payment deferral and need longer, you can apply for a further 3 months (up to a total of 6 months).

Keep in mind

Before requesting a payment deferral, it is important that you read and understand the below information as a payment deferral may not be the most suitable option for your circumstances.

  • If you are able to return to full repayments it is in your best interest to do so rather than request a payment deferral which will cost you more in the long term.
  • Interest will be charged if you take a repayment deferral, so you'll pay more interest than you would have done had you not had taken a deferral. We encourage you to make any payments to your account that you can as this will reduce the amount of interest you will pay over the remaining term of your loan.
  • If you are not up to date with your payments prior to us agreeing your request then we may not be able to agree to a payment deferral on your loan. However, we still have other options to help you, please call us to discuss.


When you’ll need to apply by:

  • If you decide a payment deferral is right for you, you need to apply by 31 March 2021
  • If you’ve already taken a 3-month payment deferral, you have until 31 March 2021 to apply for a second payment deferral of up to a further 3 months.
  • After 31 March 2021, you can extend an existing payment deferral subject to:
    • A maximum of 6 months in total
    • No more than 3 months at a time
    • The payment deferral extension covers consecutive payments. For example, you cannot resume payments in April 2021 and then take and additional payment deferral after this.

All payment deferrals will end on or before 31st July 2021


Alternative Options

If you are unsure about any of the information provided or whether a payment deferral is the most suitable option for you please contact us before proceeding on:


Buy-to-Let, Short Term Lending, Commercial Investment
T: 0345 848 0223

Second Charge Mortgages
T: 0345 650 6287


Impact of taking a payment deferral – Important information,  please read

  1. If you take a mortgage payment holiday, this means that you wouldn’t make mortgage payments for up to the time period you selected. However, it’s important to remember that you will still owe that money.
  2. As a result, your mortgage balance will increase as interest is still applied during the period of the payment holiday, this means that you could end up paying more over the term of your mortgage.
  3. For repayment mortgages, at the end of the payment holiday period your monthly payment will be recalculated over your remaining mortgage term. Your monthly payment will increase for the remaining term of your mortgage. We will write to you to let you know your new monthly amount before the end of your payment holiday. Although you can choose, subject to circumstances, to extend your term or pay off the amount owed over a shorter period of time.
  4. For interest only mortgages, the interest you defer during the payment holiday will be added onto your mortgage balance. This means you’ll be charged interest on a higher balance for the rest of your mortgage term. You’ll also need to make sure the repayment strategy you have in place is enough to repay the higher balance when your mortgage ends.
  5. A further payment holiday won’t be recorded on your credit file, so it won’t affect your credit score, but lenders might take it into account when making future lending decisions.
  6. In addition to any previous payment holidays you’ve taken, during a further payment holiday or period of reduced payments, we’ll again charge interest on the full amount you owe, and add this interest to the balance each month. If the payment you’re making doesn’t fully cover the interest due each month, we’ll add the difference between the interest due and the amount you’re paying to your mortgage, which will increase the amount you owe.
  7. We'll periodically send you an SMS with a link to make a payment, of any amount, if you feel able to do so. 


Please note

  • If you’ve already had 6 months of payment deferrals: You can’t apply for another payment deferral.
  • You will need to complete one application for EVERY mortgage account you have with us.
  • If you are not up to date with your payments, we may still be able offer you support but we will need to discuss this with you first. Please contact us using the details above.


How it works

  1. It is important that you see how taking a mortgage deferral can affect your future payments. Step 1 requires you to complete our Mortgage Payment Calculator to find out how it affects your balance and future payments. Please note you will need your mortgage balance, rate and existing term – These details can be found on your annual statement or have been recently sent to you via SMS. If you are unable to locate this information and require us to send this to you please click here.
  2. If you are happy with the personalised information provided by the calculator you can proceed to the Mortgage Payment Deferral application form (if you don’t want to proceed you can stop the process).
  3. When completing the application form you will need your mortgage account number. If your account is a joint account, then this form only needs to be completed once.
  4. Following completion of the Mortgage Payment Deferral form we will process the application and communicate to you your new payment details.

Start Mortgage Payment Deferral Process


Please Note: If your mortgage was originally taken out with another lender and subsequently transferred to Shawbrook then our Mortgage Payment Calculator may not provide you with accurate personalised information. This is also the case if your account is in arrears, your mortgage is part repayment and part interest only or if you do not make your payments on a monthly basis. If you continue to complete the payment deferral request form, we will issue you with  personalised information of the impact of this deferral on your repayments at which


If you’re going to struggle to make your monthly mortgage payments a mortgage payment holiday may be the right option for you. The mortgage payment holiday will not impact your credit file and can last between one and three months.

Some valuations are proceeding electronically but others may need to be delayed. If you have any questions about your valuation, please speak to your mortgage broker or contact us.

We’d like to reassure you that all our product transfer requests are being reviewed and processed as normal. If you have any questions about your transfer request, please speak to your mortgage broker or contact us.

Yes, you can apply for a new product if your existing deal ends within the next three months.

We will not be able to offer further lending if a payment holiday has been utilised until we have received three monthly payments following the end of the payment holiday period.


Apply for a payment holiday

If you need to take a short break from paying your mortgage because you feel you have been affected by the Coronavirus in any way, you can complete the form below and we’ll do the rest.

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Please Note, the term 'Payment Holiday' is now referred to as a 'Payment Deferral' in the latest guidance issued by the Financial Conduct Authority