Point of Sale Financing

We work with a network of partners to provide finance options for their customers. 

Depending on the partner, your arrangement may be interest-free, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) or have a set interest rate. 

If you're considering financing your purchase with our help through a point of sale loan, or if you have questions about your existing arrangement with us, you're in the right place. 


Considering a Point of Sale loan with Shawbrook?

If you’re considering purchasing a product or service and you’ve been offered finance with Shawbrook, there are some basic criteria you’ll need to meet for us to consider your application. You must:

  • Be aged 21 to 80
  • Have been a UK resident for at least three years
  • Have a personal bank account in the UK
  • Have a good credit history with no outstanding County Court Judgements (CCJ's)


Applying for a Point of Sale loan

Our Point of Sale loans are available exclusively through our partners. If you decide to finance your purchase with Shawbrook, our partner will provide you with all the information you need about the loan. They’ll also talk through the application process and help you complete it.

When applying for finance with us, there are a few things we’ll ask for:

  • Residential addresses for the last three years
  • Contact details, including an email address
  • Employment information


About Shawbrook

We’re proud to be a different kind of bank. We’re committed to being fair and transparent, so this is our promise:

    • Honest: What you see is what you get
    • Open: We want you to get the rated that’s right for you
    • Fair: Get a rate that’s based on your individual circumstances
    • Upfront: If it’s not good for you, it’s not good for us
    • Clear: We won’t waffle

With over 300,000 active and engaged customers, Shawbrook provides practical lending and savings products to individuals, businesses and real estate investors.

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Need Help?

Our help centre contains a range of articles to help you understand the application process, your payments, how to settle your loan and what to do if something goes wrong with your product or service. 

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If you have a question about your existing point of sale loan, our team are standing by to help. 

If you have a question about an application you have made, please contact the retailer that carried out the application with you. 

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