Budgeting for the Big Day

Planning your wedding is an exciting and (sometimes) daunting task.

With rescheduled weddings and a surge in new engagements, it’s going to be a busy wedding season.

There’s lots to consider when wedding planning. But whether you’re looking for big and extravagant or small and personal, it’s important to know your budget and how to make it work best for you.

Wedding Budget

Wedding Wisdom

When planning your wedding there are things that are nice to know, and there’s things that you need to know.

We always hear about the ‘dream wedding’ but what we don’t always talk about is what didn’t quite go to plan. If married couples could go back, what would they change about their wedding day or tell future brides and grooms to be aware of?

We surveyed 2,000 married couples to find out their wedding regrets and what they would have done differently, so that we can help newly engaged couples looking to tie the knot, spend wisely and enjoy their big day too.

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Our research found the top regrets included:

  • Not spending enough time with guests (17%)
  • Worrying about the little things too much (16%)
  • Getting stressed and not enjoying the day enough (15%)
  • Trying too hard to please the guests rather than themselves (14%)
  • Spent too much money (14%)
  • Would have chosen a nicer venue (14%)

Other regrets included wishing they spent more on a photographer, chose a different wedding outfit and had a smaller ceremony.

Wedding Budget

Our wedding budget checklist is a great way to get started with your wedding planning. We’d recommend keeping a copy of this up at home, so you can tick things off as and when you like.

Download our wedding checklist

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