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2019 Kitchen Trends


According to an MTW Research report, UK kitchen market sales will rise by £50 million in 2019*. With the rise of sales in the market, keeping up with the latest trends and choosing personalised features is also becoming more popular. Your customers are seeking retailers and manufacturers who can help them to create a kitchen that lives up to their expectations. Whether it’s through choosing design features, using the latest technology or providing finance, it’s important to consider how you can support your customers.

Meeting design expectations

A home improvement can be a big project, especially in a focal-point of the home, like a kitchen. Having the ability to choose a design that fits their dream kitchen, whether that’s for supporting a family, hosting guests or showing off their cooking skills, you must understand your customer’s needs. Although specific products may be a key part of their project, the design is becoming increasingly important.

Previously a basic kitchen was a good fit for a tight budget. Now designs have become more complex as your customers seek enhanced personalisation rather than the traditional ‘off the shelf’ kitchen. But what are the key trends for 2019?

Based on kitchen suppliers’ data, research found that higher value rigid kitchen cabinets, cooking appliances, premium taps and dishwashers are outperforming the kitchen market. MTW point to top trends for 2019 that will drive the market this year as urban, industrial, chic rustic and vintage*.

Your customers are increasingly aware of the different options available to them and the large impact a home improvement project can have. This has led to more customers choosing a higher quality design which meets their individual preferences rather than their budget. With a wide range of designs and different costs available, offering finance can help you to simplify the purchase process.

Modernising the kitchen

Like every industry, technology plays an important part when choosing improvements for the kitchen. MTW’s report found that the ‘connected kitchen’ is driving value growth in the luxury market*. High-tech appliances which ease activities in the kitchen are becoming more popular. Mintel reported that 70% of consumers have bought a new major domestic appliance within the last 3 years**. Retailers are beginning to integrate technology to differentiate kitchen designs including smart extractors, voice activated hobs and built-in smart speakers. Mintel also found that 44% of those surveyed are interested in an appliance that can be controlled by voice and that 57% are interested in appliances that can choose the most suitable setting**. Although ownership of smart home appliances remains low, this is set to rise as consumers show an interest in new developments.

Meeting the expectations of your customers ‘dream kitchen’ is a key part of making the sale. With a wide range of decisions to make in terms of choosing a design and products, availability of credit could help make the purchase possible. At Shawbrook, we can tailor our finance products to meet the specific needs of your business and your customers.

** Miele's range overhaul introduces the latest technology - 16th April 2019 (Mintel)