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We know that fast and accurate decision making is key for your customers. Our new broker portal enables you to upload and manage new proposals and provide your clients with indicative pricing and rapid decisions on their funding requirements.

The benefits of using our portal

  • Faster proposal completion as our portal guides you on required information and prepopulates any data gathered from Companies House
  • Provide data with certainty, bolstered by Companies House checks processed right at the start
  • More efficient service as you can provide indicative pricing up-front using the quick calculator facility
  • Flexibility to decide when to upload proposals and whether to upload a handful at a time or a single enquiry
  • Rapid processing by Shawbrook as any proposal submitted via this portal will be immediately set up in our Origination system, ready for onward processing

Find out more about becoming a Shawbrook broker and using the portal.

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Advantages of working with us

  • Dedicated manager to oversee your account and help meet your business objectives
  • Complex enquiries managed by relationship manager and assessed by experienced credit team on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Access to specialist teams facilitates fast decisions on sector specific asset enquiries and if required we can visit these clients with you


Where enquiries are more complex, your Relationship Manager will discuss the proposal with you, drawing on the experience from our specialist and credit teams to tailor a solution to suit you and your client. We can also make joint onsite visits where suitable.

Our support doesn’t end there. Your dedicated Manager is at hand for any queries you have and will meet with you to review your account and assess the service regularly.

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Best of both worlds: building your own book

As intermediaries become increasingly sophisticated through the adoption of new technologies, some are also making the leap into direct lending. Today, a growing number of brokers are offering their clients the best of both worlds – matching their requirements to what’s available in the market and an in-house funding option when appropriate.

So for any broker considering a move into direct lending and building a book of their own, what are the challenges and the potential benefits? Mark Jarvis, Director, Block Discounting at Shawbrook Bank, answers some common questions he gets when talking to new clients.

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