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Being turned down for a loan, despite having good credit

Why do people sometimes get turned down for a Personal Loan, despite having a good credit score? We’ve tried to answer that question – find out why this happens and what you can do.

Understanding savings

Most of us like the idea of having a little nest egg put away, whether it’s for a rainy day or something a bit more fun, like a new car or a holiday. But with so many accounts and providers out there, where do you start?

Home improvements that add value to your home

The right renovations and improvements can add value to your home. A personal loan could help towards financing your home improvement plans.

Using a loan to help finance your wedding

A Personal Loan from Shawbrook could help finance the expenses of a wedding. Whether you’re keeping things simple, or having a huge celebration, Shawbrook could help.

Driving a bargain

Looking to get the best deal on a used car? This guide will explain how you could get value for money, whether you’re buying private or from a reputable trader.