How to turn your garden into an all year-round oasis


Despite the record-breaking temperatures we’ve enjoyed this summer, we’re now edging into Autumn and the British weather is notoriously unreliable, so making use of your garden all year-round can be a bit of a challenge.

However, there are some simple things you can do to turn your outside space into an oasis, whatever the weather. All it takes is a bit of planning. Here are Shawbrook’s top five tips to a gorgeous garden or the perfect patio.

One: Not your average shed

Forget the spidery shed full of forgotten tools, modern garden rooms run from cute summerhouses you can buy in the local DIY store and build yourself over a weekend, through to incredible architect designed structures which may be cheaper than building an extension. Here are some of our favourites with the wow factor.

Pretty outdoor shed


Two: Not so crazy paving

Fancy tiles, creative brickwork, plants and some subtle lighting can turn an unloved screed of concrete into a beautiful patio that can truly be an extension of your home. Add some cover and portable heating for the chillier days and you can create a space to be enjoyed in all bar the harshest of weather. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these ideas for any size of patio.


Three: Sitting comfortably

If your old deck check has finally rotted through, then it’s time to look for some new garden furniture, and boy, what a choice there is these days. From simple table and chair sets and the massively popular and incredible comfy zero-gravity lawn chair*, you can spend thousands on full on three piece sofas and the stunning outdoor pod chair*.



Four: Now we’re cooking

British barbecues tended to be characterised by burnt sausages that were still raw in the middle, but the range of devices on sale now mean there’s no excuse not to serve up gourmet garden grub, anytime of the year. From quirky pizza ovens to the world famous Weber, which is used all year round in Scandinavian countries, there is now a huge choice of barbies and ovens* with price tags to match.



Five: Wet weather gear

Swimming pools used to be the preserve of the super-rich, but now you can stick a full-size blow-up pool in your garden for less than £100. Of course, filling and emptying it and hoiking out the dead leaves might not be as much fun, so perhaps an all year-round hot tub is a better and more relaxing addition to your new patio. From inflatables to premier tubs big enough for a party, check out some popular items here.

Children playing with hose


Paying for your fabulous garden

Some of these ideas can be costly and more than you have set aside in your savings, so a personal loan could be an option. It’s worth considering whether your garden additions will add to the value of your property before you start work, and always have a plan in mind of the work you want to do.

Personal loans are useful as they often come with a set interest rate and set repayments which can help you budget. With a personal loan from Shawbrook, you could borrow anywhere between £1,000 and £35,000, and you can get an instant quote online with no impact on your credit score.

If approved, we’ll give you a guaranteed rate upfront before you apply, along with a fixed repayment schedule, and unlike many high-street banks, our team can consider your personal circumstances as part of your application, which means you could get a better rate with Shawbrook than elsewhere.

* Please note that Shawbrook is not recommending or promoting any of the items that have been mentioned in this article.