How do I make a deposit into my Savings account?

Electronic Payments (Faster Payments, BACS, CHAPS) Contact your bank or building society and provide the following details: 

  • Beneficiary: Your name or, (in the case of a joint account) one or both of your names
  • Account Number: Your Shawbrook Savings Account Number
  • Sort Code: 16-58-73
  • Reference: Your name or, (in the case of a joint account) one or both of your names

Transfer funds from another Shawbrook Savings Account in some circumstances you may be able to transfer funds from existing Shawbrook Savings Accounts. The Shawbrook Savings Accounts must be held in your name (in the case of a sole account), or (in the case of a joint account) one or both of your names. If your account is operating through eSavings, please log onto your account and send us a general secure message with your request. If your account is not online, please contact our dedicated customer servicing.

ISA Transfers you may be able to transfer your current or previous tax years' ISA balance held with other ISA providers to fund your Shawbrook Bank Cash ISA. The Key Product Information document provided when you open your account will specify whether transfers in are accepted. If transfers are permitted, simply fill out the ISA transfer section on the application, print, sign the form and send to us, we will do the rest. Please note, if your existing ISA has a notice period or is a fixed term account that has not yet expired, you may lose some interest if you choose to transfer those funds before the expiry of the fixed term or notice period. Your existing ISA provider will be able to provide you with details of any early withdrawal or exit charge.

Cheque send your cheque to our address referencing your Shawbrook Savings Account number on the reverse of the cheque. Cheques must be made payable to you, or in the case of a joint account, to one or both of you. Please note that cheque payments take time to process. For more information on cheque clearance times, please go to 'How quickly will the funds show in my account and when will I start to earn interest?' section of the FAQs.

With the exception of funds transfered from other Shawbrook Savings Accounts and ISA transfers from other ISA providers, deposits into your account must come from your nominated account or if there is no nominated account, associated with your account from:

a) bank or building society account held in your name (if that account is a sole account) or (if a joint account) where you are one of the joint account holders and

b) an account that allows electronic payments. This account will be set up as your nominated account before a transfer can be made.