Can I make a deposit into my account at any time?

You can make a deposit into your account at any time until the product is withdrawn. This means that the product will become closed to new applications or new deposits. Once a product is withdrawn we may refuse new deposits into the account. You can check whether a product has been withdrawn by visiting the Withdrawn Products section of our website. We will not normally notify you when a product is withdrawn.

Cash ISA Accounts 

Some Cash ISA accounts will accept new deposits even after the product to which the account relates is withdrawn. If this is the case, you will be able to make new deposits into the account during any tax year up to your maximum annual subscription allowance. To ensure that deposits are included within a specific tax year and count towards that tax year's subscription allowance, your deposit must be received by us on or after 6th April and before midnight on 5th April of the applicable tax year. For example, in the tax year 2017/2018, your deposit must be received on or after the April 6th 2017 and before midnight on April 5th 2018.