Courteous and competent with competitive interest rates that encourage customer confidence. An excellent place for my money.

No fuss or frills. Practical products, consistently good rates.

We give our customers the best of traditional banking – good customer service and common sense decisions. With the easy access of a modern bank.

Save with us

Straightforward, practical products at competitive rates. And none of our products are restricted to current customers.

  • Fixed-term deposits. Guaranteed rates of interest if you lock up your savings for a fixed term.
  • Notice accounts. We’ll pay you to wait for access to your money.


Borrow from us

Our broker–arranged loans and customer finance give you a way to quickly raise finance or add new features to your home.

  • Secured loans.
  • Home improvement finance.


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Existing Personal Savings Customers

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Withdrawn products

If you have an account that’s been withdrawn you can still check the terms.


We pay a levy into a fund that helps to protect our customers' money.