Partners questions that need answers?

We hope you’ll find the answer in these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If I register with you, can I introduce both commercial and personal business?

The teams managing commercial and personal lending are independent, so you will need to register with each separately, although we are keen to develop as broad a relationship with our partners as possible.

What happens when I register?

One of the sales desk team will be in contact to introduce themselves and gather some further information on your business before identifying the best way we can work together

Do I have to be regulated by the FCA?

We are keen to work with high quality professionals but the actual compliance regime for commercial and personal lending is different.

Currently commercial mortgage brokers and secured loan brokers are not required to be FCA regulated, but will need a consumer credit license.

We will also carry out our own accreditation procedures, and these may include credit reference checks and references.