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Making Home Improvements Simpler


Choosing to improve a home can be a big decision for your customers. Although it is an exciting prospect, there are a number of pressures that come with it. From managing budgets to picking out finishes and fittings, it can all become stressful very quickly. As a business in this sector, it’s important you understand and consider your customer and the pressures they face in order to support them in the best way you can.

DIY or hire a professional?

Some of your customers may prefer to complete a job themselves to keep the cost down and others may rely on a professional to do it for them. Research conducted by - an online marketplace that brings builders and homeowners together - revealed that couples considered renovating a home as ‘one of the most stressful things in life’, ahead of having a baby, getting divorced or taking exams*. As a business in the home improvement market you should consider how you can support your customers when using your services to renovate their home.

  • 14% of participants surveyed said just thinking about tackling home improvement themselves left them ‘feeling stressed out’
  • 67% said they ended up resenting the house they were working on*

By offering your customers a ‘hassle-free’ and professional service when renovating their home, you can help to relieve some of their stress. For many of our partners, it is not just their high-quality products that customers choose but also their experienced team who can make their project a reality. Whether it is a new shower, boiler or a large kitchen renovation, your customers should feel that you and your team are there to support them throughout the process.

Time is of the essence

The length of time that some renovations can take is a common concern for your customers. The survey also revealed that 38 per cent of participants would rather work with professionals and a further 29 per cent claimed they didn’t have time to do DIY*. Whether your customer chooses to do it themselves or uses one of your experienced team, they want the job completed in the most time efficient way. Keeping to strict time frames and ensuring the job is done to the highest standard should always be front of mind for you and it is a service that your customers will expect. You should ensure your team manage your customer’s expectations and regularly communicate any issues you encounter and changes to agreed timelines.

The limited budget

Improving a home can end up costing a lot of money and it is a considered decision for your customers. You have the team to assist with the project, you can deliver on the high-quality product and timelines, but can you support your customers with finance? The right selection of finance products available at point of sale can enable you to offer your customers different options, which are best suited to their needs and can reduce the stresses of home improvement. To find out more about how finance has helped our partners, read their case studies here.

What happens next?

Finally, the service you provide your customers after the sale and installation should also be an important part of your process. Unfortunately, some home improvement projects can result in issues that can leave the customer unsatisfied. How you respond to these issues, is key to establishing customer’s perceptions and building a good reputation for your business. Receiving a negative review for example, should be seen as a positive way for you to further improve your strategy, service or product. Ensuring you follow up on these cases and support on any issues in the appropriate way is very important.

Take a moment to step into your customers shoes and consider the decision and pressures they have when making a purchase with you. How can you support them? What expertise and specialism do you have? Are there any other ways you can support them in making their purchase? These are all key questions you should consider. At Shawbrook, we’ve provided finance solutions in the home improvement sector since 2011. We continue to support and understand our partners and customers, providing a finance offering that is simple, clear and easy to use.

* research