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Shawbrook’s New to the Pride: PIA Financial Group

The specialist lender’s Strategic Partner panel grows with the addition of the London-based brokerage.

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Vincent Spano, Director of PIA Financial Group, comments on becoming the latest addition to the Pride:

“We are delighted to have been invited to join Shawbrook’s panel of Strategic Partners. As a firm we seek to build and maintain meaningful relationships with customers and professionals alike and this new appointment duly reflects that.

PIA has worked side by side with the team at Shawbrook on some large cases, but also some smaller ones. Their support does not vary or diminish with size as it can with some lenders and we are particularly pleased with their continued ability to address matters quickly and frankly with the team for the benefit of our customers.

The expertise of the team at Shawbrook demonstrate is key to us as a brokerage, helping us to deliver on our own ‘can do’ message again and again. We look forward to the further strengthening of our brand in partnership with Shawbrook.”

Shrena Patel, Business Development Manager for Shawbrook Commercial Mortgages adds:

“Over the years Vincent and the team at PIA have built a productive relationship with the team at Shawbrook. They continually strive to provide expertise and value to their customers, which in turn reflects on our own values. We are delighted that PIA Financial Group are now Strategic Partners and look forward to our relationship continuing to grow over the years ahead.”