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Shawbrook’s New to the Pride: All Types of Mortgages

16 February 2018
AToM Shawbrook Strategic Partnership.jpg

The experienced mortgage experts are the latest Strategic Broker Partner to join Shawbrook’s Pride...

Vic Jannels, Chairman at AToM, discusses joining Shawbrook’s Strategic Panel:

“We’ve worked with Shawbrook for a number of years and engendered a strong relationship, beneficial to both parties. AToM has a team dedicated to the Bridging and Commercial sector and our volumes have increased substantially with Shawbrook recently. They demonstrate a ‘can-do’ attitude and we find that we can work together to structure the best deal for the client.

AToM is therefore delighted to become a Shawbrook Strategic Partner and we look forward to increasing our volumes and business relationship over the coming months.”

Steve Matthews, Regional Development Manager at Shawbrook Commercial Property Division adds:

“I have worked closely with AToM for a number of years as they are an experienced intermediary with a wealth of knowledge across the market. Their customer focused values are well aligned with Shawbrook’s lending approach which has helped to cement our relationship. They thoroughly deserve their place in our Strategic Partner family.
We are always looking to develop our expert panel of brokers to support what remains a strong appetite across our short term, specialist residential, commercial and semi-commercial investment markets, and I look forward to AToM’s contribution as we move further into 2018 ”