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Refinance and capital raise on terraced house

02 November 2017
Product: R10.2
Loan amount: £152k
LTV: 75%

This £151,500 loan at 75% LTV was completed by our broker partner Alderbrook Financial Solutions, who got an instant Indicative Mortgage Offer (IMO) for their client through our E-AIP online application system. This meant the case could progress rapidly right from the start, with a valuation just two days later.

With the Shawbrook team working closely with the broker, all the necessary information for the Formal Mortgage Offer was gathered before we received the valuation report, allowing the Lending Manager to review everything in good time. This meant we were ready to issue an FMO the day after receiving the valuation report. The loan was approved by solicitors in 24 hours, with completion shortly afterwards.


  • rates from 2.99% above 3m LIBOR
  • up to 75% LTV
  • loan terms from 3 to 30 years
  • 25% existing customer discount available (on margin or arrangement fee)

'I was impressed throughout by the intelligent lending decisions made by the Shawbrook teams. Their common sense approach, combined with the efficiency of the valuation and legal process, resulted in the desired outcome for my client.'

Kinak Thakore, Alderbrook Financial Solutions