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Conversion from semi-commercial to residential, with exit from short-term funding

01 November 2017


Product: STL6
Loan amount: £428k
LTV: 70%

An established London-based investor with strong renovation experience, our client planned to refurbish an existing residential and commercial unit into three flats and a smaller shop.

The client first acquired the property using Shawbrook’s STL6 product for a gross loan of £428k on 18 months interest only. Once the work was completed the broker, Commercial Financial Services, looked for refinancing onto a term loan and suggested splitting the property to move the commercial element into a new company. This subsequently ensured the client received maximum funding on two separate agreements - a solution which would have been highly unlikely through a high-street institution.


  • rates from 0.55%
  • up to 75% LTV
  • loans from £50k to £15m
  • no minimum term or minimum interest

‘All parties were especially pleased by the imaginative term solutions when it came to refinance, and Shawbrook were central to achieving a positive outcome.’

Simon Purdom, Commercial Financial Services