Retirement mortgages

Do you have clients over 55 who are struggling to find the finance they need?

Our flexible interest-only mortgage could be the answer. If you have clients coming to the end of an interest-only mortgage deal, they may well be facing a stark choice - sell the family home, or use their hard-earned savings to repay the outstanding balance. Our 55 Plus Interest-Only Mortgage is a flexible alternative. It could allow your clients to stay in their home and keep hold of their savings for a rainy day - or something more fun!


What’s different about our 55 Plus Interest-Only Mortgage? 

Shawbrook's interest-only mortgage lets your clients:

    • Make additional overpayments at any time with no penalty, reducing both the balance and the interest payable
    • Repay the balance of the mortgage in full at any time without early repayment changes (for example, if they were to receive a pension lump sum or an inheritance)
    • Raise additional funds to pay for home improvements, a holiday, helping the kids or almost any other purpose

Product Highlights

  • Clients could stay in their cherished home for up to an additional 15 years
  • Keep savings and investments in place for longer
  • Raise additional funds
  • Fixed or variable rates available
  • Full flexibility to completely repay your mortgage in full at any time
  • Make additional overpayments at any time

If the balance is not repaid during the mortgage term, you will have to sell your property to repay the outstanding balance, unless an alternative payment method is arranged and agreed.

Product highlights

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