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Personal loans for intermediary and broker businesses

A clear, straightforward service for you and your clients

Shawbrook is proud to be a different kind of bank. Since 2011, we’ve quietly built our business by providing a select range of products for people who don’t always get the best deal from the big high-street banks.

For personal loans we work on a system of personalised, risk-based pricing, providing instant, guaranteed quotes that we can normally approve the same day. We use the latest soft-search technology, so an application won’t affect your customer’s credit score.


Good for your customer, great for your business

Our approach means no rug-pulling for your customers. They get a fair guaranteed rate, based on their credit profile, with no surprises.

Your business benefits by providing a better customer experience, so you’ll be able to keep your clients happy and loyal.

We work with partners ranging from brokers and price comparison sites to affinity partners that want to offer a white-label loan proposition such as Saga plc and RAC Limited. If you would like to add personal loans to your product offering, please get in touch today.


How we're different

  • No teaser rates, just a fair, clear guaranteed quote based on credit profile
  • Soft-search quotations that won’t affect credit score
  • Software backed by experienced human underwriting, with telephone support
  • An excellent customer experience, demonstrated by our Feefo rating
  • A solid commitment to intermediaries, their knowledge and client relationships
  • Long-term, reliable support to help you grow your business

Personal loans
features and criteria

  • Overpayments accepted without additional charges
  • Maximum early repayment charges of one month’s notice and one month’s interest
  • We do not charge arrangement fees to customers
  • Loans from £1,000 to £30,000
  • Joint applications accepted
  • Terms from 1-5 years, 6 -7 years for loans over £15,000
  • Terms from 1-5 years, 6 -7 years for loans over £15,000


  • Wide range of rate options (7.9% to 29.9% APR)
  • Borrowers aged 21 to 75 at the point of application
  • Home owners and tenants accepted
  • Available throughout England, Wales and mainland Scotland
  • Self-employed, retirement and some benefit incomes acceptable

Become a Shawbrook Bank partner


"Working with Shawbrook we have been able to launch a transparent personal loan proposition and develop a seamless online experience for our RAC customers. It’s important for us that our partners deliver the high quality of service that our customers expect from the RAC brand, and we’re happy that Shawbrook delivers this.

We have found the Personal Loans team to be adaptable and flexible, working with us to tailor the product to our requirements. We look forward to launching new innovative products together in future."

— Alastair Crossley , Head of Motoring Services, RAC


"ClearScore exists to make finances simple, and to get people to the right financial products. Giving people access to their credit score and report for free allows them, no matter what their circumstances, to understand more about how they are viewed in the financial industry.

Having access to soft search criteria with businesses such as Shawbrook allows ClearScore to show people the best rates available to them."

— ClearScore

Don’t just take our word for it

Thanks to our consistency and customer focus, we have won awards for best unsecured loan lender and we have become a Feefo Gold Trusted Service.

Financial Reporter Award 2017   Feefo Gold Service 2017   MoneyNet Highly Commended 2018

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