Can I transfer my existing ISAs held with other providers across to Shawbrook Bank?

You can transfer your current ISA(s) with another bank to Shawbrook Bank whenever you want. Simply apply for a Shawbrook ISA product online and complete the ISA transfer form giving us account details of your current ISA(s) and we will do the rest.  If you are transferring a Stocks and Shares ISA into a Cash ISA, your current provider will sell some or all of your investments according to your instructions. Once all the sales have been settled and any closing fees deducted (if applicable), the money will be transferred by your existing provider to your Shawbrook Bank Cash ISA.  

Please note, if your existing cash ISA has a notice period or is a fixed term account that has not yet expired, you may lose some interest if you choose to transfer those funds to Shawbrook Bank before the expiry of the fixed term or notice period.  Your existing ISA provider will be able to provide you with details of any early withdrawal or exit charge.