Can I make a deposit into my account at any time?

Easy access and notice accounts
You can deposit money at any point, up to the maximum deposit amount.

Fixed rate bonds
You can add more money to your account as long as the product is still open for funding, up to the maximum deposit amount.

If your bond is removed from sale (we'll do this when we have new rates), you'll usually have seven days from removal to add any more funds to your account.

You can check if a product is withdrawn by checking our savings documentation page and checking the withdrawn product list.

You're welcome to take out an additional bond if you wish to deposit further funds.

Fixed rate bond ISAs
You can deposit up to £20,000 per year into a fixed rate ISA, each tax year, up to the maximum deposit amount. Even if your fixed rate bond has been withdrawn, you can still make a deposit if it's an ISA.

If you're splitting your ISA allowance over several ISAs, the maximum deposit across all of your accounts is £20,000.

For more about ISAs, please look at our guide to ISAs.

If you've already opened an ISA with us this tax year, any other accounts would need to be from our standard, non-ISA range.

You can apply for any new products online by logging in as an existing customer.