When will I receive my withdrawn funds from my business savings account?

Easy Access Accounts
If your withdrawal request is received before 2.30pm on a working day, your savings should be accessible in your nominated account the next working day.

If you request funds after the cut-off time of 2.30pm, your request will be processed on the next working day, and funds available on the next working day after that.

So, if you request funds before 2.30pm on a Friday, we’ll process the request that day and the funds will be in your nominated account by close of business on Monday.

If you request funds after 2.30pm, we’ll process the request on Monday and funds will be in your nominated account on Tuesday.

Please note that public holidays are not classed as working days. This will extend the time it takes for funds to show in your nominated account.

Notice Accounts
When you request a withdrawal of funds from your notice account, you will be told which date the notice expires on, in advance. You'll typically receive your funds the next working day after this date.

Fixed Term Accounts
Before expiry of your fixed term, we will write to you to let you know the Shawbrook Savings options available for your maturing funds which will include withdrawing the funds out of the bank.

If you tell us you wish to withdraw your money, you'll receive your funds on the working day after the account matures.