How quickly will the funds show in my account and when will I start to earn interest?

When you make a deposit, funds will normally be credited to your account on the following basis:

Cheque - Deposits paid into your account via cheque will be processed in line with the clearing cycle outlined in your terms and conditions under the section entitled Deposits

If you deposit funds by cheque, we start paying interest on the deposit from the 2nd Working Day following the working day we receive your cheque. Please note that your account will not earn interest from the account start date if you deposit funds by cheque.

Faster Payment/BACS - All amounts credited electronically into your account by the end of a working day are cleared on the working day of receipt, and interest calculated from that working day.

Transferring funds from another Shawbrook Savings Account - Funds transferred between Shawbrook accounts will show as cleared funds and start to earn interest on the working day the transfer takes place.