Are there withdrawal restrictions on business savings accounts?

If your account does allow you to withdraw funds, taking your account below the minimum balance will affect the interest we pay. Check your terms and conditions for more details.

Notice Accounts
If your account has a notice period, then you will not be able to withdraw funds within your applicable notice period. You will need to submit a withdrawal request to us and once your notice period has expired your funds will be sent to you.

Fixed Term Accounts
You will not be able to withdraw funds prior to end of your fixed term. Before expiry of your fixed term we will write to you to let you know the Shawbrook Savings options available for your maturing funds which will include withdrawing the funds out of the bank.

Easy Access Accounts
Withdrawals can be requested by you and actioned by us on the same working day providing the withdrawal request is received by 2.30pm on a working day. You’ll receive funds the next working day after we process your request.

Find out more information on when you'll receive withdrawn funds.

Some Easy Access Accounts have a minimum withdrawal limit. Please check your Key Product Information for more information.

If you want to withdraw less than £500, you'll need to log in and send us a secure message, as we'll need to help you do this.