Business Savings

All Business Savings FAQ's

Is my company eligible?

Companies, partnerships and shareholding companies must be UK registered and only liable for UK tax.

All partners/directors/sole traders/additional signatories and shareholders must be:

What is Shawbrook banks sort code?

Our sort code is 16-58-73

My company is a charity. Do you accept charities?

The account is not available to Charities or Trusts. Shawbrook Bank offers Charity Savings accounts through the Charities Aid Foundation. You can find out more at

Do your accounts have any fees or charges?

We do not apply account fees or charges.

Do you have minimum or maximum balance requirements?

Yes. The balances vary by product, so you will need to check the Key Product Information of the product you wish to apply for.

Are there withdrawal restrictions on accounts?

The ability to make withdrawals depends on the type of account you hold:


Can I have more than one account in the same business name?

You can open one account online but if you want additional accounts you will need to open them following the below methods. Only one Easy Access account is permitted per business.

Can I open accounts if I have multiple businesses?

You can, however each business will need to have its own individual account.

What checks do you do before I can open a savings account?

We will verify your business entity, the registered address of your organisation as well as verifying the personal identity of all key individuals detailed (Partners, Directors, Members, Authorised Signatories etc).

How do I open an account?

Please refer to the Key Product Information for your product for details on how you can apply.

Alternatively, contact our dedicated customer servicing team on 0345 266 6611 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, excluding Bank Holidays) who will be able send you an application pack.

Can I cancel my account if I change my mind?

If you change your mind and wish to cancel your account, you can do so within the first 14 days from the opening date of your account. Please note this cancellation right does not apply to Fixed Term Deposit accounts. You cannot cancel a fixed rate fixed term account once it is open.

Do you collect the investment directly from my nominated account?

No, we will not automatically take any deposit. We ask for a nominated bank account to be held against your Shawbrook account to ensure against fraudulent activity, so we will only accept deposits and credits to/from this account. You will need to set up and arrange for any transfer of deposits from your nominated account.

Can I receive gross interest on my savings account?

All interest payments will be paid gross.

How quickly will the funds show in my account and when will I start to earn interest?

When you make a deposit, funds will normally be credited to your account on the following basis:


How can I operate my account?

You can operate your account in the following ways:


Where can I find my Savings Account Number?

Your Savings account number will be provided to you when you open your account in the following ways:

What security measures do you have in place for when I contact you?

When accepting instructions via the telephone (either when we call you or when you call us), we will ask you several security questions to verify your identity. We will use your security details you provided on your application. If we cannot verify you, we will be unable to talk to you about your account(s).

How can I reset my password if I forget it?

Please note that you can only reset your password online if your online access has not been blocked. Simply click on the password reset button on the login page and follow the instructions. We will send a temporary password to your registered mobile phone.

If you are unable to reset your password using the process outlined above, then please contact our dedicated customer servicing team on 0345 266 6611.

When will I receive a statement?

You will receive an annual statement on the anniversary of your first deposit as well as a statement on the closure of your account. If your initial savings account has a duration of less than a year, for example, a 6 month bond, you will only receive a statement at the closure of your account.

How can I view my statement?

If an online account – you can view your annual statement in the eDocuments section of your portal.

If a postal account - you will receive an annual statement in the post.

How do I obtain a tax statement for my account?

If an online account – you can view your Tax statement in the eDocuments section of your portal.

If a postal account - Tax statements are normally sent to the trading address of your business within 4 weeks of the end of the tax year.

How do I submit my withdrawal request? (for Notice Accounts and Easy Access Accounts)

For online accounts – you can request this by logging into your eSavings account online by selecting withdrawals and following the on-screen steps.

For postal accounts - you can write to us either by post (at the address below) or call us stating:

  • The account you wish to make the withdrawal from
  • Amount of the withdrawal
  • How you wish the funds to be paid to you

By post - The Business Savings Team, Shawbrook Bank Limited, Sunderland SR43 4AG

By Phone – Please call our dedicated customer servicing team who will be able to assist you on 0345 266 6611 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, excluding Bank Holidays).

Where will my funds be sent?

Withdrawals from your Shawbrook Bank savings account will be made to the bank account listed against your account. We cannot issue a payment to a third party or an unidentified account from your savings account.

How do I change my nominated account?

You can change your nominated account via post. Your request would need to be signed by the authorised signatories as per your signing mandate. We will also require proof that the new nominated account is held in the name of the business. This could be in form of a void cheque or a bank statement sent to the address below:

Business Savings Team, Shawbrook Bank, Sunderland SR43 4AG.

Alternatively, you can contact us on 0345 266 6611.

When will I receive my withdrawn funds?

Notice Accounts - When you put an account on Notice, the expiry of your notice period will always be on a working day (you will be notified of the date in advance) and you will normally receive your funds on the next working day following this.

Fixed Term Accounts - You will receive your funds on the next working day after your maturity date, provided we have received confirmation from you that you wish to withdraw your maturing deposit.

CHAPS - Providing the CHAPS payment details are received by 2.30pm on a working day, then the funds will normally be received by the beneficiary bank the same day.

Cheque withdrawals – Cheque withdrawal requests received prior to 2.30pm on a working day will normally be processed and sent via the post the next working day.