Why has my ISA transfer not completed?

Once you have applied and opened your Shawbrook Cash ISA, you will need to log into your account and in your eDocuments please view our letter titled ‘ISA Etransfer In’ as this will advise whether your transfer has proceeded as an electronic or postal transfer. Electronic transfers are the default and straight-forward way to transfer your ISA. However, some providers are not compatible with electronic transfers and by exception we may need to transfer by post.

  • If your transfer has been approved to progress electronically, we will work with your bank to process the transfer and send you two further secure messages when your transfer has been received and completed.
  • If your transfer has to be processed by post you will need to print the ISA transfer form which is uploaded to your edocuments, sign it and send it back to Shawbrook via post – full details of this will be sent to you by secure message.