Can I withdraw money from my ISA?

You can withdraw your funds from any of our ISAs at any time, but this will result in you losing your tax benefits from the point of the withdrawal.

To maintain your tax benefits you can transfer out your cash ISA balance to another ISA provider at any point. To make a transfer out you must contact your new ISA provider and request a transfer. Your new ISA provider will undertake the transfer on your behalf. If you withdraw funds or transfer funds out to another provider before the end of any fixed term or notice period you may incur an early exit charge (normally a loss of interest). After the exit charge has been applied you may have less money than you originally deposited depending on the terms of your particular Shawbrook Bank cash ISA. Details of early exit charges will be contained in the Key Product Information document provided when you open your account.

If you make a withdrawal from a cash ISA account you cannot deposit funds back into your account if the deposit amount means you exceed the maximum annual subscription allowance.