Regulated bridging mortgages

Helping you span the gap?

If you’ve ever experienced a broken property chain - where an unforeseen delay leaves you unable to complete on a purchase - you’ll know how frustrating it can be.

A bridging loan is a short-term funding option which can help you ‘bridge’ the gap between the completion of a sale and accessing credit, meaning you avoid losing the home you have your sights on. Thanks to our highly flexible and responsive approach, at Shawbrook Bank we’re often able to help, just when you need us most.

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Complete transparency of fees and charges

What is a regulated bridging loan?

If the buyer of your old property lets you down or delays completion of the sale, a bridging loan allows you to secure the new property while the problem is being sorted. This facility is then paid down on the sale of your existing property.

We have two bridging products available for customers:

  • A product that simply covers the purchase of the new property
  • A product allowing an additional facility to cover any refurbishment work to your current or new property
What is a regulated bridging loan

Bridging finance benefits

Our unique approach

  • Up to 70% LTV
  • Loans from £50k to £2.5m
  • Maximum term of 12 months
  • No minimum term and no early repayment charges
  • No minimum interest
  • Interest is rolled up (Repayments are payable on exit)
  • Complete transparency at every stage – no unexpected rate increases or fees
  • We will require a property valuation. Valuation fees will be payable and can be confirmed by your broker prior to applying. The cost will be dependent on property location and value.


John & Kirsty Smith, young married couple

Planning to start a family, John and Kirsty want to move from their current two-bed to a bigger property close to good schools. They find a four-bedroom house, but their own property is tied up in a long chain. Their mortgage adviser helps them secure a regulated bridge. Their old house sells quickly and having arranged a mortgage on their new home, they use the funds to fully repay the regulated bridge with no early repayment charges.



Geoff & Elizabeth Jones, Retired teachers

Mr & Mrs Jones have owned their house for 25 years. Their three children have flown the nest and they want to downsize as the property is too big for their current needs. They find their dream cottage that requires some light refurbishment before they can move in but they do not want to wait for their existing property to sell as they may lose out to a rival homebuyer. 

After securing a bridging loan, they complete the sale of their existing property six months later, pay down the finance and are happily settled in their newly refurbished home without the worry of waiting nervously through numerous property viewings.

Scenario 2

​Looking for a business mortgage?

If you’re looking for a mortgage or property finance for your business, we could be just what you need. The award winning Shawbrook product range supports buy-to-let landlords, property investors, developers and SMEs. We can provide specialist options for those looking to borrow in a limited company, a LLP, or as an individual. See our Business mortgage pages for more information on how we can help you.​

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A national network of professional intermediaries

Our mortgage products are available via a network of independent brokers - professional intermediaries whose job is to suggest the mortgage that’s best for you, and who can recommend products from any provider.

Although your application must be packaged and presented by an approved Shawbrook broker partner, we are happy to give you information about our products through this website, explain our products over the phone, or answer queries via email. So please feel free to get in touch.

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