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How to control your spending as lockdown lifts

As lockdown restrictions ease, the temptation to spend could return. Sally Conway, Head of Consumer Communications, shares 5 tips to help keep your positive money saving habits.
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Get your garden ready for a get together

Although DIY has been at the forefront of many lockdown agendas, garden DIY is often overlooked. Sally Conway, Head of Consumer Communications offers 5 tips on how to get your garden ready.
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7 tips for freshening up your finances this Spring

There are many ways we can tighten up our spending and improve our finances with just a little bit of time and attention. In this article, Paul Went, Consumer Managing Director at Shawbrook Bank, shares some handy tips to help you freshen up your finances.
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New year financial goals & tips to achieve them

Looking to put together some new year money resolutions? We’ve put together our top financial tips that will help you reach your goals.

5 financial tips to beat the January Blues

When the Christmas tree comes down, the fairy lights get packed up back in the attic and the kids start heading back to school - you know it’s that time of year again...
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7 home energy saving tips that will help winter-proof your house

Looking for ways to save heat energy in your home? Visit our guide for 7 top tips to save energy and money this winter.
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Ten top wedding planning tips for tying the knot in 2021

This year’s wedding season was like no other and many couples will have desperately been looking for expert advice and guidance on what to do as Covid-19 began to threaten their big day. We spoke to Rianna Elizabeth to get her top wedding planning tips for anyone intending to tie the knot in 2021.
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10 ways to prepare financially for Christmas

Whilst the latest tech or even a brand new pair of socks are usually welcome Christmas gifts, debt and financial worries are certainly not. But unfortunately, once the excitement of Christmas is over that’s what some of us could face come January.

Turning your garden into an all year-round oasis

We all know British weather can be a little bit unpredictable, from random sunny days during the Winter to those rainy days in the middle of Summer. So, how do you make the most of your garden and turn your outside space into an oasis, whatever the weather?

FrOMO strikes when buying gig tickets online

Have you ever waited for months to buy those must-have gig or theatre tickets, only to see them sell out within seconds or found that ‘special’ price is no longer available? And did it make your blood boil? If so, then you’ve experienced FrOMO, the Frustration Of Missing Out.