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An insider's view on the smart way to shop for a second hand car

Sales of used cars are soaring in the UK as the effects of the pandemic alter many people’s daily travel routine. We spoke to sales executive, Ryan Tickler, to find out what potential buyers need to know before buying a used car.

Are loan calculators accurate? Why Shawbrook doesn't use them

Can’t find a Shawbrook Bank loan calculator? That’s because we don’t use them. Find out why loan calculators can be misleading in our guide.
How To Deal With Money Worries During Times Of Uncertainty

How to deal with money worries during times of uncertainty

Want to know how to stress less about money? Read our advice on what to do when stressed about money. Find out how to ease money worries in our guide.
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Home and garden DIY ideas to help pass the time

Spending more time at home and want to keep busy? Read our round-up on easy home and garden improvement ideas and be inspired to make a change.
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How to protect your finances and stay safe online

Find out how to stay safe online - today and always - in our comprehensive guide. Learn how to shop safely, protect your personal information and much more.
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The ultimate guide to financing your next home improvement

Financing your next home improvement is a big deal. Here you’ll find everything you need to know before making this big commitment.
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How to get a loan

From buying a car to funding a wedding, helping to pay off an outstanding debt, or making improvements to your home – personal loans can help pay for those essential investments that life often throws our way.
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Personal Loan Terminology Glossary

Find a clear A-Z of concise loan terminology definitions in our glossary. Convert jargon into meaningful explanations right here.
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The wedding costs every bride-to-be should be aware of

Recently engaged or planning your wedding? A wedding day can be a big expense. We've highlighted a few bride-specific elements you might want to think about when you’re creating your budget.

Wedding costs every groom-to-be should be aware of

Being aware of wedding costs can help you plan and budget carefully for your big day. By managing your wedding costs effectively, it should help to prevent any unexpected surprises along the way.
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What could getting engaged mean for your finances

There are a lot of things to consider before proposing. When it comes to getting married, it’s not just the wedding which can come at a cost. Getting engaged can be pricey too.

The ultimate guide to financing a used car

We’ve whittled it down to the 5 most common ways to finance a used car. Learn some of the pros and cons of each today with our ultimate guide to financing a used car.