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Paying off a loan early

Considering paying off a loan early? You should understand early loan repayment charges and settlement figures before you do so. Learn more about these.
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Things to Know Before Getting a Personal Loan

Considering taking out a personal loan? We walk you through the pros and cons of borrowing money, and whether it’s the right choice for you, in our guide.
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Best money saving challenges to try in 2022

Looking for inspiration to save? We compile some of the best new year money saving challenges. Discover the right challenge for you in our guide.
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Different 1p Saving Challenges to Try in 2022 | Shawbrook Bank

Ready to start saving in 2022? Find out more about the 1p saving challenge, its benefits, and how to easily adapt it to suit the whole family.
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Wedding wisdom for couples planning their big day

Our latest research reveals married couple’s top wedding regrets to help newly engaged couples planning for their big day. From picking the wrong outfit to paying too much for a rubbish band, we reveal what they would have done differently.
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Wedding traditions in the UK

Why do we embrace British wedding traditions? From wedding cake to a wedding scramble, discover the origins of popular wedding traditions in the UK.
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Wedding Ideas on a Budget

With the average UK wedding costing £30,000, we have the lowdown on how to save money on your wedding while still having the big day of your dreams.
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DIY Disasters: Advice for When it Goes Wrong

Things don't always go as planned. What are the most common DIY mishaps in the UK? Check out our recent research and top tips on how to avoid DIY disasters.
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From accidently smashing ceilings to flying foliage: We reveal some of the nation’s funniest DIY disasters

Looking for DIY ideas? Here’s how not to do it. We surveyed the nation to find the most embarrassing DIY disasters. Here, British comedian Hal Cruttenden reveals some of the funniest entries.
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6 reasons to apply for a personal loan

Considering a personal loan? Here are some of the common reasons why it might be a good idea to apply for a personal loan.
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Do Brits know ASOS from AER and APR?

New research from Shawbrook Bank shows an alarming number of Brits don’t know the meaning of common financial acronyms and terms.
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Understanding your credit agreement

Whether you’re considering taking out a loan or already have, it’s important you take the time to understand your credit agreement.