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From debunking financial jargon to home improvement hacks and wedding saving ideas, we have a range of content to support you. You’ll find a number of useful guides to help with planning and budgeting to turn your dreams into a reality.

Car Key

Tips on haggling for a used car

Looking to buy a used car? We’ve rounded up the best tips on how to negotiate the price of a second-hand vehicle, including advice from car salespersons.
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The biggest barriers to finishing a home improvement – and how to overcome them

To help you plan for your next project, we reveal the biggest barriers to completing DIY projects around the home according to our research.
Siobhan Murphy

How to become a DIY master of your home

As part of our mission to support you with finishing your half-started DIY projects this summer, interior design expert, Siobhan Murphy shares her top tips for tackling a home improvement project.
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Simple ways to save money on DIY projects this summer

Looking for ways to save money on your DIY projects? Here, we share our 5 top tips to consider before starting your next home improvement.
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4 ways to budget for home improvement projects

Setting a realistic budget is key when starting a DIY job. Here, we share our 4 top tips to help you plan your next project.
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UK’s Top Borrowers & Common Trends

At some point, most people borrow from a bank or from friends and family. Discover where in the UK people borrow the most money and what they do with it.
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Borrowing Money From Friends and Family

Thinking about borrowing money from friends or family? We outline what you need to know about before you do so — including a loan agreement template.
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Myths about borrowing money broken down

Considering applying for a personal loan? We debunk 5 common misconceptions and myths about loans to help you make an informed decision.
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A guide to borrowing money responsibly

Borrowing money is a big decision and shouldn't come without significant thought and research. Our Consumer managing director, Paul Went, shares his top tips for borrowing responsibly.
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Paying off a loan early

Considering paying off a loan early? You should understand early loan repayment charges and settlement figures before you do so. Learn more about these.
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Things to know before getting a personal loan

Considering taking out a personal loan? We walk you through the pros and cons of borrowing money, and whether it’s the right choice for you, in our guide.
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Wedding wisdom for couples planning their big day

Our latest research reveals married couple’s top wedding regrets to help newly engaged couples planning for their big day. From picking the wrong outfit to paying too much for a rubbish band, we reveal what they would have done differently.