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An insider's view on the smart way to shop for a second hand car

Sales of used cars are soaring in the UK as the effects of the pandemic alter many people’s daily travel routine. We spoke to sales executive, Ryan Tickler, to find out what potential buyers need to know before buying a used car.

5 financial tips to beat the January Blues

When the Christmas tree comes down, the fairy lights get packed up back in the attic and the kids start heading back to school - you know it’s that time of year again...
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5 tips for avoiding Christmas stress

Hoping for a stress-free Christmas? We’ve put together 5 practical tips to avoid holiday stress for this festive season and years to come. Visit our guide.
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Making the most of your money

Our MoneySure campaign is designed to help you take more control of your finances, whatever your current situation. If you’ve already cut your spending, or perhaps want to manage your money better, here are our top five tips for making the most of your money.
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7 home energy saving tips that will help winter-proof your house

Looking for ways to save heat energy in your home? Visit our guide for 7 top tips to save energy and money this winter.
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Tips to protect your money from COVID scammers

As we spend more time at home, online safety is more important than ever. The coronavirus pandemic has seen a rise in Covid-19 related scams as scammers use the current situation to try and con people out of their money. We've put together some best practices to help you stay vigilant.
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Getting your finances back on track

Lockdown has been tough and thrown many challenges our way. We’ve put together a few tips that could help you start to tackle your money worries during this uncertain period.
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My income has been reduced permanently and I’m worried I might not be able to meet my loan repayments. What options are available?

Our Consumer Lending Managing Director Paul Went provides guidance on what options are available if your income has been reduced permanently and you are worried you might not be able to meet your loan repayments.
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Will making an overpayment on my car loan affect my credit score?

Our Consumer managing director, Paul Went, answers a key question on making overpayments on outstanding car loans.
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Ten top wedding planning tips for tying the knot in 2021

This year’s wedding season was like no other and many couples will have desperately been looking for expert advice and guidance on what to do as Covid-19 began to threaten their big day. We spoke to Rianna Elizabeth to get her top wedding planning tips for anyone intending to tie the knot in 2021.
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Tips on how to stick to a budget when trying to save money

Looking for easy budgeting tips? Learn about managing money, sticking to a budget and reaching your savings goals in Shawbrook’s actionable guide.
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5 tips for planning a successful DIY home improvement project

Looking for DIY advice? Visit Shawbrook's helpful guide and discover 5 home improvement tips. Learn how to plan home renovation and finish your projects.