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Get your garden ready for a get together

Although DIY has been at the forefront of many lockdown agendas, garden DIY is often overlooked. Sally Conway, Head of Consumer Communications offers 5 tips on how to get your garden ready.
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5 questions to ask yourself before borrowing money

Like any financial decision, borrowing money requires careful thought and consideration. Our Consumer Managing Director, Paul Went, shares fives questions you should ask yourself before borrowing.
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Things to consider before you tackle your next home improvement project

Considering starting a new home improvement project? We outline 7 key things to think about before you begin renovations in our guide.
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What influences the cost of home renovations?

Considering a home renovation project and want to know if it’s affordable? Read our guide on 6 factors that can influence the cost.
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7 tips for freshening up your finances this Spring

There are many ways we can tighten up our spending and improve our finances with just a little bit of time and attention. In this article, Paul Went, Consumer Managing Director at Shawbrook Bank, shares some handy tips to help you freshen up your finances.
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Five tips to help debt management

There are a number of ways you can make your life easier when it comes to managing debt. In this article, Paul Went, Consumer Managing Director at Shawbrook Bank, offers five tips to help out - from simple short-term ideas, to longer-term considerations.
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10 ways to make sure your home improvement goes off without a hitch

Shawbrook Bank spoke to DIY expert and 37-year career builder Chris Rice, to learn some tips of the trade and steps people can take to ensure their money is well spent.
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Wedding costs and coronavirus considerations that every bride-to-be should be aware of

Recently engaged or planning your wedding? With so much to plan, it can be easy to forget some things in your budget. Here is a list of things to remember.

Wedding costs every groom-to-be should be aware of

Being aware of wedding costs can help you budget for your big day. Manage your costs effectively and you’ll avoid unexpected surprises.
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How to maintain a healthy credit score

Keeping your credit score healthy can be a challenge when you have lots of different commitments. Here’s a few tips to help you keep on the track.
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How to get a car loan

Considering a car loan for a new or used vehicle? We explain how to get a car loan and outline the difference between secured and unsecured car loans.
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Why is budgeting important?

Unsure about the purpose of a budget? We explain why budgeting matters and the key benefits. Learn all about the importance of budgeting in our guide.