Is there an early repayment charge?

If you wish to repay the outstanding balance early you should contact us by using the details below. We will then provide you with a settlement figure and details of how to settle the account.

If you have taken out a loan with us on or after 13th December 2021, you can also log in to your customer portal to contact us:

The settlement figure we calculate for you will be the total of all sums (including the outstanding balance of the Amount of Credit, interest, any charges and arrears) which would have been payable by you if you had not settled early less a reduction. This reduction includes the interest and other charges that you will not have to pay because you have chosen to settle early. We will calculate this in accordance with the Consumer Credit (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004.

While the calculations are complex, the settlement figure you will have to pay will include no more than 58 days’ worth of interest calculated on the balance outstanding at the time when we provide you with the settlement figure. The settlement figure provided will be valid for 30 days.